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Ornstein write, "In a large and fragmented institution in which every member has five or six places to be at any given moment, proxy voting is a necessary evil". During the American Civil War , some northern soldiers used proxy voting. Dictionary of querystring data to attach to each Request. Running on the record: But actually blocking Hormuz would require a huge effort from the Iranian navy and the IRGC and would invite a swift and overwhelming response from U. The Principles of Parliamentary Representation. This method re-evaluates the proxy configuration by considering the environment variables.

Syria crisis

Xi says China must lead way in reform of global governance

There were initial fears that the reports may be a ploy by the Chinese Communist Party CCP authorities to encourage removal of the software from computers, [13] but it was soon delisted as a threat.

Symantec explained that its detection was based on the software operating similarly to various Trojan horses, based on the use of proxies to penetrate firewalls used to block web sites, but that it had modified its detection to exclude Freegate.

In , it was reported that 'pro-government electronic actors' in Syria sent electronic messages to rebels encouraging them to download a file named Freegate which was claimed to be designed to help dissidents circumvent state surveillance agencies, but actually it was a malware and the intruder was able to monitor what the victim was typing on their computer, and read or remove the victim's files.

In August while Freegate was testing a new proxy program, some people thought it was a phishing attack. Reports from Iran said the users who used Freegate to pass Internet censorship in Iran , were led to a fake page instead of Facebook 's main website. Freegate published a note saying they were testing a new proxy program, and the fake Facebook page was a tunnel. Although IT experts warned users to be careful with the tunnel link because it doesn't use SSL security so users' information is not encrypted.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Corporate Responsibility and the Rule of Law. Wall Street Journal , 14 February Oanh Ha 8 July Piercing China's great firewall".

Yep Iain a good point, if you've got a friend with both a fast internet connection and who's willing to leave their PC on all the time. But of course it will only work for BBC Iplayer like that and bypassing some of the Chinese restrictions until they introduce blocking with whitelists then nothing much will help! To be honest it's a lot of work though to keep the server up and running and more importantly making sure the proxy is secure.

Incidentally, discovered why there are problems connecting to tvcatchup. Identity Cloaker guys are looking at setting up some workaround though so you can watch all the available UK TV channels - watch this space: Thanks that's a really helpful introduction. I was all fired up and raring to go and try Identity cloaker I live in India but unfortunately I can't as I'm a mac user.

I'll have to wait for the serve to be extended. Shame but I'll keep checking their site unless anyone else has a suggestion I'm not too technically literate. Hi Sf, Thanks for the comments. Well you might be in luck - they've been having a few problems with the beta version for the Mac mainly under OS X Tiger But there will be a new version being tested this weekend I believe - fingers crossed if its ok it may be the first released Mac version.

Send me an email using the contact us button at the top right of the page - and I'll send you a free trial account and the new Mac version as long as it works ok: I see in this thread that some folks were having problems with some other sites and you advised them to change "locale". I've been having problems with Zattoo managed to download but is states that it is not available in my location.

I've changed all the settings on my laptop that I can think of but no luck. Hi Mountwest, Glad Identity Cloaker is working well for you. I must confess haven't tried Zattoo for ages but it definitely did work. You have to use the VPN function though as the Zattoo player ignores proxies. Unfortunately I'm in Uk for a few weeks now so can't try it out. If you've already tried the VPN it might be a restriction on peer to peer traffic stopping you.

I know Zattoo uses a serious amount of bandwidth as you have to share your connection with other viewers. I'll check with the guys at Identity Cloaker for you and post back here. Hi WG Many thanks for the quick response. Being very much a novice when it comes to computers and their applications, it is good that there are some 'friendly' experts out there who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with those less able. I may try some of the US sites in time, but again lots of thanks for pointing me in the direction of ID Cloaker.

In fact unless the servers get stressed then I don't think they're planning on enforcing the restriction just yet anyway. Also remember you can disconnect from Identity Cloaker after your BBC program has started anyway and stream directly if you prefer.

I've just had a sneak preview of the new version of Identity Cloaker and the VPN connection is actually built in plus lots of new features for their subscribers. Second, you mention that "you can disconnect from Identity Cloaker after your BBC program has started anyway and stream directly if you prefer". Still messing with this whole VPN thing! Thanks again for your help.

Hi Mountwest, Yep with the BBC Iplayer - just start the show playing and then disconnect Identity Cloaker from the cloaker menu - it should carry on streaming and not disconnect. If you change to a different programme though you'll have to start it again though as it will check your location at the start.

I'm not sure when they are releasing the new version of Identity Cloaker. They have to do a lot of testing I think because it has many more features in it. I have tried it though and it's looking very impressive - most of the features are security related, enabling you to protect and encrypt specific applications - email, different browsers, FTP you name it.

But for those people who just use it for watching video and media sites the main advantage is that the proxy and VPN modes are built in. So it's much easier and flexible to use for accessing sites where a proxy gets blocked like Hulu and Sky for instance.

I'll let people know as soon as it's released, Identity Cloaker users will be informed automatically though.

By the way, there is a Mac version in development but it's not been released yet seems to be taking a while! Mac users can use the proxies directly though for BBC - you just have to enable the proxy in your browser.

Hi there, I am trying to fathom this all out - it's really helpful, but I am pretty computer rubbish! If so, is it quite easy to set up once he has signed up for the trial?

Sorry, you must excuse my ignorance, I am computer rubbish, and so is he, but I would love to get something sorted for him for Christmas and you really seem to know your stuff! Thanks so much in advance! Hi Sophie, Sorry the Mac version has still not been released yet - not sure why they are taking so long. Great little service I use it on my Mac. Any problems let me know and I'll try and help you. Good morning, I see that these comments were posted a few months ago.

Can you tell me whether it is now possible to view Identity Cloaker on my iPad? Good morning - no I'm afraid the Mac version still hasn't been released yet!! Seems to be taking for ever. Well worth the subscription. Thanks for comment Alec - glad it's working out for you: Watch out for the new version of Identity Cloaker which will be released soon to all subscribers. As a serious liability for the United States military, dealing with deviant social issues that require a radical suspension of belief and the acceptance of counterfactual illusions has apparently tainted the US military's ability to make realistic battlefield assessments.

At the same time, as a long-time student of military history, I'm amazed at the comparative effectiveness of the small Russian contingent in Syria. To them, war is clearly a grueling, serious, full-time job sans illusions and delusions September 22, at 2: September 22, at 3: MEexpert What does this have to do with the present topic?

Or do you have a "hoof and mouth disease" that compels you to write something? September 22, at 4: There is a history of fabricating events and motives and narratives in the Syrian conflict. It is a civil war. It is a clusterfuck. All this nonsense about good and bad terrorists. All you need is for the Russians to know that some American is meeting with a guy who's got a cousin in Al Nusra and the Ministry of Defense can say anything it wants. But surely, surely, it would just be too ironic if Trump causes the end of the human race.

September 22, at 5: September 22, at 7: September 22, at 9: Christian Its pretty clear to me that Trump has stopped funding many of the covert operations in Syria under the Obama admin. He didn't completely stop the stupidity, I doubt anyone could, but the eminent destruction of ISIS would be far less likely if his rival had one the election.

September 22, at America is under Foreign Control. Obvious and beyond contention. FKA Max The numbers of killed and destroyed tanks and trucks seem to be rather high.

That moment when not even the Assad propaganda buys the Russian lies re Syria anymore. Talha Everybody is playing games. There's a lot to see here. Against these backdrop, relentless but slow recapture of territories by the 3 enemy forces - Iran Syria and Hizbullah must have turned AIPAC , ADL Holocaust Museum ,Natanyhu and their children in Congress and cabinets pure eunuchs with dry shrunken balls hanging between two beastly legs.

I think its possible that the Russian army ground is possibly equal or better than US army. The US is stronger in Air and Navy. September 22, at 6: That put into geography a bunch of random things I have read. Chrales' point is well taken! I had never made the connection before between Trump's time in military school and his military advisors!

You are just leaving out Saudi Arabia still hell-bent on "leveraging" Sunni Radicalism to throw its might around but getting a first rash of blowback , Pakistan and India both interested in having a role in the future of Afghanistan while mooning each other over a sometimes-hot funny border war and China apparently probing the anus of the good old USA and not ready to play running dog lackey. Johnny Rico You make too much sense. Hell, it still isn't a story. I'll change that to nobody is talking about this now.

I do not believe that any of us should be permitted by the moderators to engage in vicious slurs, as in adding the epithet, "McNasty," to The Saker's illustrious nom de plume or nom de guerre, as the case may be.

He is ever challenging, but never girlishly "nasty. As for your "Americanized" Animal Farm version of what Putin thinks about sovereignty, it's certainly contrary to everything I know about the man based on my own long professional study of his words and deeds starting with his lifelong literally since age 13 commitment to the moral philosophy of Judo or "Gentle Path" in Japanese reinforced by his post embrace of Orthodox Christianity: Though I, for one, believe that if Putin does allow this partitioning to happen, the 3 generals now running Trump are likely to see this as further evidence of their own bogus US-propaganda contradicting theory of Putin's "appeasement" tendencies and go for a "limited" First Strike option meaning: Whereas The Saker finds this idea that Trump's damned generals are so Hell-bent on ruling the world that they would actually go for a First Strike option just too Russia didn't want war at his home, but wants a confrontation to make understand americans that they can't decide whatever all around the world, they became understand that isn't the only player in the world as their bosses thinkings , and america must understand to stay calm.

September 22, at 8: Yes, he's both a bully and a coward as most bullies are. That's why he fired Bannon who was going to get him out of Syria and then put the Junta of Mattis, McMaster and Kelly over him--to "make a man out of him. The military discipline didn't stick. That's why he put the Junta over him now. They'll be the Grants and Shermans of the 21st century. Just follow McArthur's nuclear plan! Defeat Iran too-- and send Russia running back to its borders. And it's assumed Putin will withdraw rather than fight.

He's already said on the record that Russia doesn't need Syria to survive. Thanks for that analysis. Johnny Rico Good story. See how long you can keep that up. The US isn't interested in winning battles. It's interested in controlling the future of Syria. I think Putin never really intended to defend Syria's sovereignty. Let's just say that the more powerful a country is, the more 'sovereignty' it has. Meanwhile negotiations for the carve-up of Syria are being finalized Johnny Rico Black Sabbath.

Avery Russia Insider claims this story was their 'scoop'. El Dato Pretty much what's in the News. Watch CNN and just look beyond the dead eyes and fleshy mouth of the announcerette.

Johnny Rico The Saker piece you read above is, in itself, a deception, however unintentional or not it may be. It does this by presenting its own narrative and context for the "facts" as provided by the linked articles. Here is another early take on the context. September 23, at I'm by far no military expert, so just asking. Other questions are the credibility of the sources and the possibility of other narrative, for example if this was a trap what I don't think, but can this be excluded?

Therefore it doesn't matter what the "early take" is because it will always be false. It's very clear, that the US is allied with islamist terrorists in the war against Assad. See Operation Timber Sycamore! Isn't this clear enough? September 23, at 2: Is that what I linked to? I didn't realize it wasn't on the the approved list of sources. People see what they believe. Not the other way around. September 23, at 3: September 23, at 6: September 23, at 9: Johnny Rico That's fine.

I agree with a bunch of what you say. The world will not be worse off for the exercise. I'm going to spend my day reading Japanese history and then in the company of some of my favorite American women. And he's entirely right. Schmid Thank you for your reply. Especially for "will read that Newsweek article and compare it carefully to the Russian pieces, do more research, and make their own judgements. September 23, at 1: The US "war on terror" is a fake. Some considerations leading to this conclusion: Despite the official claimed "war on terror" of the US.

See operation Timber Sycamore 3. Couldn't they prevent this? The list is very long. Realist The US should not be in any part of Syria.

Johnny Rico "There will never be peace in the Middle-East and in a hundred years it won't matter because we will all be dead. I would say we probably shouldn't be in Syria either.

And I didn't vote for either one. September 24, at 4: Who's supplying them with tanks? There's a confusing array of combatants out there, each with their own sponsors. Also, what's needed is an analysis of what the US goal of setting up a separate Kurdish state is all about and what the perceived benefits are. It's hard to tell if there's a coherent plan behind all this or if it's all due to confusion and gung-ho incompetence.

Like Vietnam body counts. September 24, at 6: Those are some things about me. You are mentally ill. Don't bother responding, your observation and analysis are faulty. September 24, at 7: Following Putin's order that it is essential for Russia to support the Ukrainian economy and banks 1 , state-owned VTB Bank is, yet again, preparing to recapitalize its Ukrainian subsidiary by 2. September 24, at 8: September 24, at 9: Where ever the Talmudic Terrorists go, the cancer grows.

September 24, at If you and The Saker want to promote the most ridiculous, unhinged Russian propaganda, then be my guest, but ultimately the only thing you're doing undermining is Russia itself while making yourself a laughing stock. It's what they do. We don't coordinate or push any ops with al-Nusra. I'm glad the Russians are having success in killing al-Nusra, too.

Beefcake the Mighty says: September 24, at 1: Johnny Rico I agree almost entirely. That's a big reason why we are here. The information provided in the Newsweek article which is not included in the Saker sources is highly important because it unlike Saker's opinion-piece allows the uninitiated of which I am not to start painting a picture of the forest through the trees.

Which, of course, is the only reason I'm here. Russia Insider claims this story was their 'scoop'. September 24, at 2: Well, if we change a couple of words and get: Having said all that, if I were Neocon, I wouldn't be so optimistic. Exactly what's expected from a nuclear power capable of destroying the world. US, at the other hand, doesn't look, or feel, well balanced. And, as Trump stated, the decision making is left to Generals? Top brass must not be in charge of policy; it's really that simple.

So, although, for Neocons, pushing Russia back And then the regime in Moscow doesn't budge because it simply can't should it want to survive? The same president who launched all those missiles for Kiza Can we just say that by now most experienced commenters know who you are and who you work for.

Anatoly, if you want, eventually, to completely marginalize yourself to some fringes of Russian "intellectual" life--you sure as hell doing everything you can to get there. It's also clear that Putin is scared silly of going one on one with US forces. So his generals growl and threaten, as they've done in both Syria and Ukraine for several years now, but they don't dare hit back.

Despite all the hype about WWII, the Russian military haven't won a war without European allies since and that was against a decaying Turkish Empire. Andrei Martyanov in the Battle of the Bulge, they were nearly routed. September 24, at 3: Trump is the New Deep State and a far better warmonger than ever Hillary would have been. Syria is a side-show to keep the Russkies wrong-footed. Just off the top of my head, I played a substantial role in refuting Paul Roderick Gregory's nonsense about 2, Russian military KIA in Donbass a couple of years ago.

September 24, at 5: The same president who launched all those missiles for…. Andrei Martyanov Here is how things are scored. So, I wouldn't be surprised if the number is, indeed, in hundreds. What was already shown with SSO's work gives some idea of intensity. So, eventually, I thinks, once all necessary info will be "white-outed" we may see a more full picture. In the same time, once one considers the stand of the 6th Company in Chechnya where by different estimates Khattab lost to jihadists, well--there you go.

So how can Putin handle it? I see three possibilities: I might add a potential Option 4: The Turks, with their army massed on the Syrian border under the guise of implementing the "de-escalation zones" use the Kurdish Independence vote in northern Iraq as causus belli to move into Northern Syria and annihilate US-backed Kurdish forces. In other words, I see Turkey as a pivotal wild card in the resolution of this mess, and I suspect they are on Russia's side.

We shall see, indeed. Let me fix it for you in your quote: I am trying to explain to people here for years but it seems that the fact that Russia leads US by a generation on stand-off weapons doesn't hit the spot, albeit what it would take to really get it is to count the number of Russia's strategic bombers and multiply just for the good measure by in reality it will be substantially more and one will get the number.

You are either completely clueless or trying to bait me. Talha As always - thanks for the technical analysis on these Russian military matters.

Looking forward to your next article. I agree almost entirely. Johnny Rico Excellent point. It was the first red flag with this piece. It is not implausible that were killed along with the large amount of destroyed equipment - but it doesn't fit the pattern. No, more likely, this "count" is the result of operations over more than 24 hours.

To suggest that the Russian media and Syrian government are the sole sources of truth, "real" news, and goodwill is cute. Including me, I had to look it up - at least I think it is Fallout. I've only played Call of Duty and Battlefield. I find it difficult to believe the Russian MOD's claims, which is kind of, for the lack of a better word, disappointing.

They really don't need this kind of, what looks like, third rate propaganda. I think the "speak softly, but carry and use a big stick" approach worked brilliantly for the Russians so far. So, yes, sorry--not interested in opinions of Girkin, Smeyan or whoever else you rub your shoulders with--I used to communicate with professionals. Who's side are you people anyway, good shell overcome evil.

I've been puzzling over this business for about a year now. Hubris, arrogance, overconfidence, and the safety of operating thousands of miles away from the front lines, not to mention the cultural belligerence of generals, will make the commanders of Centcom insufficiently responsive -- uninterested, Then they negotiate with the Kurds an "autonomy" arrangement.

If the Americans don't turn back at that point, the Russians deploy their own aircraft with electronic countermeasures -- possibly drones with EW capability -- to non-lethally neutralize the American Air Support. America's subversion by Zionist interests -- by Israel; it's Zionist directed foreign policy of global belligerence with it's attendant bankrupting military expenditures, will have been mooted by "ending" Israel.

At that point the world will have changed, and the underlying rationale for American foreign policy -- The Wolfowitz Doctrine: I'm an American and a Jew. Looking at it dispassionately one might conclude that Jewish ambition over the millennia -- consistent with the ambition of so many other "nations" -- has been either hegemonic domination or suicide-by-goy. And now they're at it again. Jeff Davis Exactly right, good catch, poopster. Here's what I concluded. What do you think?

The only thing where you are wrong about Turkey is: Turkey is on sultan Erdogan's side. Did this happen in the same operation? Andrei Martyanov Did this happen in the same operation?

Not necessarily but who knows but once 3M14s fly--this is damn serious--the message most here still don't get. Judging by this piece in Vzglyad today: G'day, thanks for your politeness and I do understand the significance of the highway of death, also in contrast to what's going on in Syria [Libya, etc. They were developed to calculate attrition in a battle between two conventional - that is, non-stealth, non-guerilla - forces. Sergey Krieger It hurts even reading this.

With respect Andrei, an attack on an American base in theater -- Centcom in Tampa being safely distant -- would, in my opinion, provoke an immediate escalation not a de-escalation. But in that case, the attackers were Israeli "allies" not the Russian "enemy". The US likely would come to Israel's defense in any serious conflict with a non-nuclear foe, where US survival was not at stake, but with Russian nuclear forces at full readiness and no chance of a US disarming first strike, the US would not commit suicide.

America's geo-political goals and interests would surely adjust dramatically if it disappeared. Russia leads US by a generation on stand-off weapons If they're not, the implications are indeed scary. September 25, at Andrei Martyanov It hurts even reading this. You see, many people think that war is a linear affair, that is why many still don't get it how can one achieve 10 to 1 advantage in armor and other forces when the opposing forces are approximately equal A famous Quadratic Law.

Here is even run-of-the mill site gives some info: A very interesting question once one considers that they all will launch from Caspian Sea at approximately Baku or Lankaran altitude, that is without leaving Russia's airspace.

Tus, in the same time Andrei, I have two mental pictures regarding US in my mind. The second mental picture of US is the one which is usually credited to Nixon, I believe - the Russians need to always think that US is crazy, without knowing just how crazy it really is. As children in my neighborhood, we used to say for a guy - he has a licence that he is crazy therefore he can do whatever he likes, he can even kill you and suffer no consequences.

This starts with almost 30, uniformed US hostages in South Korea - not enough to do anything militarily but plenty of turkeys to shoot. Well, I can't really judge the issues of military technology involved. But although such a threat would obviously deter any normal and rational country, I'm just not sure in the top decision-makers in America fall into that category.

That's obviously a very negative scenario for everyone. On the other hand, if America did not follow that trajectory and instead effectively accepted such a severe military blow, I'd think there's a pretty good chance the result would be the total collapse of our utterly corrupt and long-despised American Regime in some sort of popular revolution, much like the Russian Imperial government collapsed after the unexpected defeat by Japan in It hurts even reading this.

Sergey Krieger It is similar to many people thinking that double speed of a car means double impact force when it is actually quadruple. September 25, at 1: Why it is so--the answer may require a separate huge dissertation. In terms of anti-shipping cruise missiles--the gap is simply dramatic. This point has been raised here not for once in the last two years and for the last two years, it seems, most people continue to ignore the pound gorilla in the room--WHY US, despite calls from some, including such psychopaths as Ralph Peters or General Scales, still didn't attack Russian contingent in Syria?

All kinds of theories have been floated around except the only one which is in the foundation of Russia's operations successful in Syria and that is the fact that any US Israeli major military asset in the region, from military bases to installations, is well within the range and it doesn't take long to upload the flight plan into those missiles, in fact it can easily be done on the go.

So, there is nothing "dramatic" in my suggestions but a simple statement of the fact that strategically paradigm shifted--open Russia's Military Doctrine, Article I am not anymore sure, after reading the latest "product" from Pentagon, namely this: As per USM "being aware", sure it is aware--it is in every single open media in the world.

Agree with the first paragraph. Don't believe Russians have any technological advantage,but believe that decision making process in Washington is unbalanced.

Or not if you want a discussion here;could be a good "clickbait". As the American Army fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, it became the best tactical level counter insurgency force of the modern era But even they should understand, I hope so, that doing stupid reckless things can have consequences.

If your intention is just morale boosting it still may work on the pro Russian crowd who is starving for bias confirmation or dispelling the lingering doubts but you won't change skeptics into believers and obviously you do not scare those who are hostile to Russia.

If, what is going in Russian media now--a direct accusation of US forces colluding with ISIS turn out to be true we all know it is true but as in Dune: September 25, at 2: Andrei Martyanov Being a former global power and still operating a thousand military basis around the world, US is much, much more exposed than Russia is.

If you read the new Pentagon's "creation"--a handbook on how to fight Russians I suspect that it is a deliberate information operation to create an impression that people who sit in Pentagon are complete morons to concoct such an amateurish crap and I know that there are still many good professionals out there one of the American "strengths" there is her network of bases. Moreover, very many of those bases are within the range of Russia's conventional strikes. This is the reality US didn't encounter ever albeit all efforts were made in s to remove RK Granat from Soviet service since everyone knew that at some point this missile will be able to carry not just nuclear but conventional warhead.

Today a number of crucial US technologies, such as carriers, which were driving doctrines are becoming or already became obsolete--this is not a pleasant reality to face but that is what happened. JL In Andrei's first article here at Unz, you claimed you were taking bets that Putin would be out of power by the end of summer.

What's even more amusing is how you were wondering out loud how it is that Putin was allowed to get away with his Syria gambit. Andrei's, not so much. I am OK with this--I float the idea, people are free to agree or disagree with it.

I certainly would enjoy your substantive argumentation instead of platitudes about about my "morale boosting" efforts. The following is the statement from the Russian Defense Ministry on the matter: This could be of interest: As always — thanks for the technical analysis on these Russian military matters.

September 25, at 4: That looks like the only outcome. The Trump cabinet is more aggressively militarist than ever, and in the confusion, the Ziocons could 1 launch COG - their long desired "Emergency Regime" dictatorship and 2 almost by the way, flatten Iran. One possibility, among others, is that the Russians can be attacked, and forced to retaliate, with their retaliation enhanced a little with Ziocon help to include supposed "Russian Missiles" destroying for example, CENTCOM forward command i.

Trump is already primed with the "Destroy everything if missiles are launched " commitment with regard to North Korea - but it's the same idea and the Ziocs get their massive escalation and a chance to finish with Russia, Iran and US Democracy all in one blow.

It's only a possibility, but one of the few reliable rules in psychology is that past actions are a very good predictor of future actions. My point, especially after this: This could spin out of control very, very fast. If it does, we have to win rapidly and decisively — and keep it within Syria. This is from Peter's piece here--a tour de force of warmongering hysteria: It could have been possible without drastic escalation to a threshold how--is a separate discussion but it is NOT possible against the background of Russia's stand off capabilities which were demonstrated to a dramatic effect with hysteria which followed in media and if people do not remember I can remind them that after Caspian Sea launch US withdrew its carrier battle group from Persian Gulf: It is definitely possible--totally agree with your assessment.

Plus, county-level vote results clearly show what America's people want. September 25, at 5: September 25, at 6: Or Andrei is simply talking pure September 25, at 7: September 25, at 9: And so it begins? We'll just have to get used to this. Sergey Krieger It must be related to aircraft rotation tempo? Sergey Krieger Force concentration was actually extensively covered in quite a few Russian folk tales. It is definitely possible—totally agree with your assessment.

Sergey Krieger It happened before. Otherwise, they'll "trade" any dead SF personnel and keep quiet about it. The boldness of Andrei's statement suggests that his information is that they do. If so, we're effectively already in a post-US world None of the buttons work, nor the comment hover preview, apparently incl "Publish Comment" sometimes.

Or Andrei is simply talking pure…. Wasn't it you who a week or so ago was talking about being at the front-lines, KPs you know all this Combat Manuals mambo-jumbo? Andrei Martyanov I am familiar with them. Since if you would have been really familiar with them you would have known that they, together with the Salvo Model and FERs are in the foundation what are specifics--it is the whole other discussion and not for open forums of calculation of the Force required aka Naryad Sil--be it for Close Air Support or for sinking of Carrier Battle Group or for land operations.

How those calculations probabilistic in nature make it then in all kinds of combat documents which become the foundation of fighting doctrines, well That applies for all kinds of tactical and operational setups which define such things of how many aircraft you have in boevoye dezhurstvo immediate combat readiness on both front and airfield of "jump" podskoka to such things as how ammunition is distributed.

Let's put it this way--a very uneasy science. I hope you remember this "magic" number not necessarily correct of force ratio in COIN? Don't take my word for it. Now if you would tell me how many personnel of ISIS or whoever was there would it take to block the whole platoon of MPs plus some Syrian local forces with them--that could be a good start. So, I can totally see jihadists' KIAs in hundreds that day.

I don't know the number but I can guarantee you that no fewer than , probably more. Russian military, especially special forces are way,way, above their counterparts in West, blah THAT is important I guess Which brings up to the next: On the contrary mate See, that's the difference between a guy who was actually moving around battlefield and those who read about it. There is a "way" how to employ mortars. There is a "way" how to move around battlefield. On top of that there is a "way" how to move a senior officer around battlefield.

As for my experience, nice try. Would you like my resume posted here? Some photos as well? On the contrary mate…. Well, if being on KP, which was confirmed, that is being in static position is "moving", sure--go impress college girls.

Per "battlefield" I can tell you some things which would be very unexpected for you. Important in you showing your complete ignorance--who Lt. So, for a "combat veteran" you claim you are, you are really weak on the even basic course of military history which was and is taught in basic course of Military History in any Obshevoiskovoye Uchilishe and I knew many graduates of those such as BVVOKU, some of them with real serious combat experience.

You sound like a typical Kavkaz-center bot. I don't need your "combat" consultations since my circle of people whom I knew and know had experiences, including in serious command from Afghanistan to Chechnya.

If you Russian I doubt it you maybe a "broken one" and collaborator, but most likely you are some Caucasus derived ethnicity with a grudge. I am familiar with them. See the difference here? Not that it matters for general readers here, but, for that minority in the know it More importantly, you dismiss all which is outside of that, comfortable, theory. Some people,actually, like that. And those aren't your friends. Anonymous so, what is it like working with the chechen coalition?

September 25, at 8: Was it fun to get "marked" by mortar? It's kinda funny to boast about your own performance after a such event. A bit silly, don't you think?

It's just IR footage of an explosion, that's all. I am answering really not for you and I am pretty much done talking to you, but: I can tell you even more, I have been both under hostile fire and, sadly and luckily , under friendlies and what is when AK shoots at you--not a pleasant experience. Which one is closer to the truth? Pavlo Thomas Wictor is mentally defective. If you couldn't figure that out from reading his twitter history, then I've got some bad news for you. Are you fucking serious?

Here's what the region's geopolitical and sectarian divides look like.

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