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But often, it can be overcome. Please enter the zip code for your physical address so we can give you accurate offers for your location. Need help with home loan payments? By submitting your feedback, you agree Bank of America, its affiliates and any authorized parties may use, commercialize or reproduce the feedback without restriction or any compensation to you. An initial counseling session typically lasts an hour, with an offer of follow-up sessions. I am in financial ruin.

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Don't bank on that check

Other reason please specify. Please enter a reason. Did this website provide the information you needed? Why were you unable to get the information you needed? Difficult to navigate the site. Do you plan to apply for a Bank of America credit card in the near future? Didn't like the website experience. I already have a Bank of America credit card.

What, if anything, would you suggest Bank of America change about this website? Please be as specific as possible. Thank you Your responses will help us improve the Bank of America digital experience for all our customers.

No Foreign Transaction Fee. We're sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Visit credit card homepage. One or more of the cards you chose to compare are not serviced in English. You can only compare up to 4 cards. Please remove a card before adding another. Bank of America really stuck it to me with fee and etc. I could have never caught up. I don't think I ever will. I'm at a loss, no one will help me.

Many people face a financial crisis at some point in their lives. Whether the crisis is caused by personal or family illness, the loss of a job, or overspending, it can seem overwhelming.

But often, it can be overcome. Reputable credit counseling organizations can advise you on managing your money and debts, help you develop a budget, and offer free educational materials and workshops.

Their counselors are certified and trained in consumer credit, money and debt management, and budgeting. Counselors discuss your entire financial situation with you, and help you develop a personalized plan to solve your money problems. An initial counseling session typically lasts an hour, with an offer of follow-up sessions. Most reputable credit counselors are non-profits and offer services through local offices, online, or on the phone.

If possible, find an organization that offers in-person counseling. Many universities, military bases, credit unions, housing authorities, and branches of the U. Cooperative Extension Service operate non-profit credit counseling programs. I am so sorry. THis has happened to me three times, but I knew enough to not put the check in the bank. I investigated the situation, and it was a real company -- but something in me just couldn't do it.

I am so sorry hon. I have had this happen to me several years ago I was looking for work and it just had started with secret shopper so call job. It was a life saver. They also will give you like 90 days to pay the amount you settle for so ask it's worth a try.

Did you give them your login ID and password to your online banking? A legit loan company would never ask for that. Yes they did the same thing from me calling himself proposal loans and got my info and did the same thing I have two bank accounts with two different banks and my one acct they deposit 3, and 2, bounced back to them and the third did the same after a couple days and my ither acct they deposit that actually cleared I told my bank about it so he called me back saying i have to go to walmart and purchase a google play card so I knew it was a scam but the night before that I did homework research on the number he called me from a number so I googled it on Google and let me tell u its registered as a wireless number by the name of Francine w.

Just hang in there. I was scammed through my local paper and it devastated my family. We had even borrowed adv pay checks to cover the "secured loan fee". I contacted a lawyer only to discover her own mother had fallen victim to same scam. There was nothing anyone could do. My advice would be to try to reach out to some local charities for assistance with rent, food, Etc.

Bank of America did a similar thing to my spouse. It was over ten years ago when he brought a cashiers check to them and asked if it was legit. They asked him to wait while they looked it over and made a show of confirming it.

Finally, they confirmed it was legit. So he deposited it and waited over a week. The funds remained in his account. He started withdrawing on it and was suddenly slammed with fees when the money was taken back out.

They then threatened HIM with legal action. No surprise, Bank of America "lost" the check when he wanted to take legal action against them. He was forced to pay for their lie for years. As he says, it is free money for them when we get scammed. Your testimony caught my eye.

Similar situation with BOA but unfortunately they pressed charges against me. I'm beside myself with concern. I was definitely involved in a romance scam! CL is cash and carry only. Sad because for a scammer because this is a bum ears game They'll send s of checks to find one sucker who'll deposit it and be foolish enough to send money Just depositing it is a mistake.

The only way to accept a check from a CL buyer is to take it to their bank not yours, verify funds and walk out cash in hand. Sad that our "wonderful technology"breeds more criminals.

What do I do with a counterfeit check? I was sent one and didn't fall for the scam, and still have the check. I think I would watch it go up in flames. It's not as much fun as watching real money burn, but almost as fun. I am interested in knowing what to do also. I had one come and did various research on the check itself and seeing if everything could be matched up to legit bank legit routing and account, ECT.

I was able to detect a fraud but later received one that verification was made on everything. The bank said it was real and even after 6 days waiting to touch funds they stopped payment or something right after I finally withdrew. I am literally lost. I recently lost my leg and we are selling things to fix my prosthetic and now I'm out of more money.

It still amazes me how cold and dirty people really are. I'm losing my bank account. Get it on Google Play Before you leave our site, we want you to know your app store has its own privacy practices and level of security which may be different from ours, so please review their policies.

Our mobile app isn't available for all devices If you don't see an app for your device, you may still be able to access our mobile website by typing bankofamerica. Learn more about mobile banking options and supported devices. You're going to your app store Before you leave our site, we want you to know your app store has its own privacy practices and level of security which may be different from ours, so please review their polices. We sent an email with the download link to We sent a text message with the download link to.

Please try again, or use your mobile device to get the app from its app store. Checking should fit your life Compare checking accounts. Savings made simple and rewarding. Find the perfect credit card from among our most popular options Shop all credit cards. Manage your credit card account. Get the mobile app. Mortgages You want to get the right mortgage to finance your new home.

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