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Plex VPN- Unblock Geo-Restricted Video Content and Stay Secure
Is this VPN sufficient for my Plex server or would you recommend changing to something else? Since Plex streaming player shows Live TV channels, it is therefore restricted to certain countries. You can easily watch TV shows, movies, and much more on your Android devices. Here's what I currently use to make it all work: Pros 1, VPN servers that unblocks Plex media server User-friendly apps Zero traffic logs 10 simultaneous connections bit encryption.

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Try them in the following order until you find one that works for you. Your email address will not be published. If you do not use myPlex, you can skip this section. So how does the network traffic actually look now? Once everything is in place, the traffic flow will act like this: All local network traffic will work normally. Your other computers and media players on your LAN will still see this server as they always have.

All remote traffic will now be routed through the VPN. There are two exceptions to this: Requests explicitly made to your IP will still be processed and function normally. This means that if you set up remote access to SABnzbd, sonarr, or other programs like that, you can still get to them remotely with your existing IP.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The physical machine on which you're running Plex - ie not in the virtual machine then doesn't have the VPN setup on it and all its traffic leaves your network as normal. If you can't do it because the endpoint is a shared IP address, then how does logmein work correctly?

My understanding about services like logmein was that they found you via a central server. I wonder if logmein could cope if one machine was behind a NAT firewall and the other was connecting out through a VPN: See this is where it comes to a small problem.

The static route setup seems to allow me local access but if I want to share with someone outside of my home network, which I do, I can't find the workaround. I ended up having 2 servers.. One for internal watching that box also downloads shows, so it uses a VPN and one for external streaming no VPN client.

Search the plex forums for static routing. A lot of people there claim to have gotten it to work with PIA. It seems like it works locally but if I want to share my server then no one can see it, and I need to be able to access it while not at home.

I use the static route method with great success. My plex server is constantly connected to PIA, and have several remote users connecting without issue. Downside is that if myplex ever gets a new IP I'll have to manually update the routing table. If you have successfully added the static routes to your server see my post on the plex forum for more detail , then I would check to see that you have your plex port forwarded correctly as well.

Would you mind linking to the post on the plex forums? I've pored over a ton of different ones and none of the methods listed have seemed to work. It seems I'm missing something or have possibly overlooked something since there are a few people getting it to work with PIA.

The only solution that works for me is: VPN to do what I have to do and turn it off once that task is done. PIA has documentation for port forwarding using a group of their servers 2 I tried were in Canada but I have never been able to get it to work. Static routing seems to be the only route which is working locally but not remotely. Could you try two network interfaces?

Get a USB to ethernet or internal card depending and you should be able to have one interface connect via the VPN and you could route your torrent traffic to that, and use myplex on the other.

When I try and run the plex on the tv it asks me to connect. I go to the computer and type in the code, it says it's connecting to the samsung tv, go to the tv, click ok, then it asks to connect and gives me a new pin to type in on the site. I tried two different VPN providers. Unfortunately, it just isn't going to work. You can do a port forward, but it never works.

I have a Ubuntu server for media. I keep that off the VPN with Plex on it. I turn on the vbox a few times a week, do what I need, then shut it down. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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