Best Antivirus Software for Windows and Mac Computers

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what is the best anti virus for mac
More From Jeffrey L. Power Management Download Page Low Battery Low Battery is a simple, elegant app that lets you decide when to get a low battery warning, and safely sleeps or hibernates your Mac before it dies. Bitdefender Free Edition got high marks from our testers for its ability to stop threats, for example. It is not impossible to infiltrate a Mac. Makes reading on your computer much more like reading a book. Opening your wallet does not guarantee you a better product. Without going off on a long winded tangent, visit these sites and find a product which will fit your needs.

These tips from CR's testers will help you find great malware protection—even some that's free

The 50 Best Mac Apps

There are free products which test higher than some paid engines and some products which are completely useless. However, do yourself a favor and look into these. This combined with using your head will provide a long and happy life for your Mac. I recommend Bitdefender or Kaspersky Antivirus for mac. Also the main reason to get mac antivirus software is to protect fellow windows users who are connected in the same network.

There are very less malwares or viruses for mac so getting infected is very rare. Well, I have believed the legendary story that Mac does not need anti-virus software. I saw this on web and also was told by Apple Genius. I also was told by Apple Genius that if I do need anti-virus software, go to download "Malwarebytes", which would work just fine. I downloaded and tried, it did get rid of some ads malware from Mac.

But yesterday, I got a pop-up windows from Safari asking me some kine of "certificate", Malwarebytes did not work. So I had to restart safari. Today I did not see that pop-up windows. Due to this, I recalled I used to have a ClamXav free. I tried it but now it looks it does not offer for free and you have to pay after 30 day trial.

So I use this 30 day trial to scam my Mac. You know what, I did not realize that there were more than 10 trojan files on my computer most emails , something like adware. So what I want to say is that it simply is not true that Mac is a steel fort without virus. But still Mac is better than Windows. Even I have those things on my computer, it looks it has not bothered me too much!

So my best suggest is to find a good anti-virus software based on what you can afford and whether you really want to have it. Believe me i had it and my mac became slow. Here is what I can say: Very low CPU usage. Interface is all web-based now, which I find less convenient and less featured than competitors. Fewer options to deal with found intruders, but benefit is that it's dashboard can 'see' all your computers in one handy management interface which is a plus for multi-CPU homes.

Fortunately, the Trojan is not a threat to Mac users, but still, rather unsettling.. Maddening, and no tech support for that. I think overall it is a great app for Free, but I'm moving onto Bit Defender for better virus removal options and don't mind paying for that comfort and safety. I was told you do not need antivirus software with an apple mac. I've had mine for years and had no problems with grandchildren downloading games etc. I have used almost all antivirus programs, on windows, on linux and on Mac as well.

Being someone who has weighed the pros and cons of almost all antiviruses, I would say, without hesitation, that the best of the lot is Comodo.

Take the security aspect, the features, the cost-factor, the service etc- Comodo ranks well. You can check the reviews too on their site. Comodo is good not just for Mac, but for windows and linux as well. You can take this as the opinion of someone with much experience regarding antivirus programs and based on thorough assessment. Yes, go for Comodo Antivirus for Mac.

I tried to follow the recommendation for Avira antii virus for Mac. You should eject the disk image. So I don't know if this same mal ware is trying to block the Avira program or if the Avira itself has been compromised. Has found 3 virus and my Mac runs smoothly, And I use Norton to!

I and the majority of MacBook users have never used any third party antivirus software. Mostly because the way Macs are designed and how the majority of malware is written to attack Windows PCs.

I would just keep the OS updated to the latest and leave that antivirus to the PC world,. Answered by Preston H from Turbotville Jan 31, One software category is conspicuously absent: We purposely excluded games here as they'll have their own dedicated story in the near future similar to our 10 Best PC Games article. Click on the slideshow to get started or check out the menu on the right to see the 50 best Mac apps indexed by category. Are there some high quality Mac apps we've missed?

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