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Setting up the Android app
How to buy a paid app in the Google Play Store If you don't find an app drawer, it means your phone doesn't have one. Next, you will be asked to insert a SIM card. This is only necessary if you want to use some special services from that company. For server settings, set the following if available:. To check to see if an update is available, simply go into the settings of your phone. The phone has to be on, and the child's account has to be signed in.

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Updated to make sure information is still accurate. Mike is a writer for Android Central, as well as other sites under the Mobile Nations umbrella. Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Here's how to add your iCloud email address to your Android device, How to add an iCloud email address to Android Launch Settings by swiping down to reveal the notification shade and tapping the gear button.

On some phones, it might be under something like "Cloud and accounts". If you choose the Gmail option, Gmail will automatically recognize your iCloud address and import the correct server settings. If you chose the Email option, you'll have to add the server settings manually: The name portion of your iCloud email address.

So if it's johnsmith icloud. Your iCloud email address password. You can also choose to generate an app-specific password. You can limit your child's access to the internet under this section. You can choose to allow them to visit all websites, only websites without mature content or a custom list of websites that you create.

You can enable a Safe Search filter here to limit sexually explicit and violent results when Junior uses Google Search. Under this setting there are two lists: These controls are only for apps actually on your child's phone. This setting lets you see the location of your child's phone. The phone has to be on, and the child's account has to be signed in.

Your children will know when their location is being logged by you -- a nice feature that encourages conversation between parents and children. This section contains all the info on your child's Google Account. It's especially worth noting that this is the only place for you to change your child's account password.

The vaguely named "More" section is where you can enable your children's use of Google photo sharing and whether they can manage their own Google activity. Google Family Link can help you manage how your children use their phones, but it doesn't do anything to kid-proof apps designed for adults -- Tinder won't become kid-safe, for example.

Family Link is simply a tool. Having conversations with your children about how they use their phones and how they can be safe and responsible is still recommended. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Mobile How to set up an Android phone for your kid Parents can test Google's new Family Link app, which makes Android phones safer and more secure for kids.

Google has a new app for parents who want to manage Android phones used by their children.

How to add an iCloud email address to Android

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