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During the competition, a golden apple appeared that would guarantee safety for the person who grabbed it, but would eliminate the team from the competition. Retrieved 28 October However, nobody accepted the temptation. Bobby Moynihan surprised the HouseGuests to host the Veto competition. After it turns red, the first HouseGuest to enter the Diary Room may claim an apple.

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On Day 31, Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses for eviction. On Day 34, Jessica decided not to use the Power of Veto. Paul hoped to flip the vote and keep Josh safe and use him to go after Jessica and Cody.

Julie revealed to the viewers that as consequence for Jessica accepting the temptation last week, a new competition known as the "Temptation Competition" would be in play for the next three weeks. Each week, each HouseGuest will decide whether or not they wish to participate in the competition. The HouseGuest who wins the competition will earn safety for the week. However, the HouseGuest who places last in the competition will be a third nominee for the week. On Day 38, Paul nominated Cody and Jessica for eviction.

On Day 44, Jessica used the Halting Hex and canceled the eviction. On Day 51, Jessica was evicted by a vote, with Cody voting to evict Raven.

On Day 52, Alex nominated Elena and Jason for eviction. However Paul gave up the dinner suggesting that Christmas take his place. On Day 58, Cody was re-evicted by a vote. He became the first member of the jury. On Day 58, Elena was evicted by a vote, with Mark voting to evict Matt. She became the second member of the jury.

Derrick from Big Brother 16 surprised the HouseGuests, and they took the opportunity to reflect on the season. In the front hallway is a tree with five apples on it. For the next three weeks, HouseGuests must wait for the tree to turn red. After it turns red, the first HouseGuest to enter the Diary Room may claim an apple. A HouseGuest may only accept one apple while the twist is in play. Each apple contains a prize or a punishment, but the HouseGuests will not know what is inside until they open it.

On Day 59, the Tree of Temptation turned red. Mark accepted the temptation. His apple contained the "Save-A-Friend" power. He earned the power to grant one HouseGuest other than himself immunity for the week. He gave Paul immunity for the week. He became the third member of the jury.

For being the first two people to drop in the Head of Household competition, Kevin and Matt became Have-Nots for the week. On Day 66, the Tree of Temptation turned red. However, nobody accepted the temptation. On Day 69, Jason decided not to use the Power of Veto. On Day 71, Matt broke the Have-Not rules and earned a penalty vote on eviction night. On Day 72, Matt was evicted by a vote. He became the fourth member of the jury. Julie informed the HouseGuests of the Double Eviction.

On Day 79, after Christmas cast the tie-breaking vote, Jason was evicted by a vote, with Alex and Paul voting to evict Kevin. He became the fifth member of the jury. On Day 79, Raven was evicted by a vote, with Josh voting to evict Kevin. She became the sixth member of the jury. Paul decided not to use the Power of Veto. On Day 84, after Josh cast the tie-breaking vote, Alex was evicted by a vote, with Paul voting to evict Kevin.

She became the seventh member of the jury. On Day 86, Paul decided not to use the Power of Veto. On Day 86, Christmas cast the sole vote to evict Kevin.

He became the eighth member of the jury. On Day 92, Josh cast the sole vote to evict Christmas. She became the ninth and final member of the jury. Paul was declared the runner-up, securing the votes of Matt, Raven, Kevin, and Christmas. This season, the Have-Nots for the week were offered a temptation. Paul Abrahamian received criticism for his controversial mimicking of another HouseGuest. In Week 3, he targeted Dominique Cooper for eviction and decided to apply black facial cosmetics and clothing that resembled the skin of a snake, in regards to a metaphor that she had used in an effort to expose his strategy to other HouseGuests.

Given that Cooper is African American , Abrahamian's actions were deemed racist when he referred to the cosmetics as " blackface. Viewers also debated on Abrahamian's alleged bullying tactics in which he encouraged other HouseGuests to antagonize "outcasts" in the House, especially showmance allies Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. Abrahamian, who was HoH at that time, bypassed the confrontation instead by sending Nickson out of the room while screaming condescensions at him.

Some fans also perceived Megan Lowder's exit on Day 8 as a result of bullying. During a backyard conversation, Lowder believed that she overheard Graf refer to Ow as a panda , which Lowder considered to be racist due to its Asian connotation.

After being informed of the comment by Lowder, Ow clarified the issue with Graf but they both later assumed that Lowder had fabricated the comment for game-related purposes, prompting them to confront her. Lowder felt overwhelmed by the confrontation and retreated to the Diary Room where she brought up her history of posttraumatic stress disorder with the show's producers.

Concerned of her mental health, Lowder decided that it would be best for her to leave the house and quit the game. Viewers called for Jason Dent's expulsion from the House after he was caught on the live feeds making rape and assault jokes in front of other HouseGuests. In one instance, Dent commented on having sex with Kevin Schlehuber's wife, Deborah, while all their daughters would be tied up and forced to watch the act.

Dent also made similar jokes earlier in the competition, such as suggesting to restrain Walton and have male HouseGuests "take turns" on her, and once telling cops about sexually assaulting women at a nursing home. Jason Dent and Cody Nickson sparked backlash after footage of remarks regarded as transphobic was depicted on the live feeds.

During a conversation in the hot tub, Graf informed Dent and Nickson about Audrey Middleton of Big Brother 17 as the first transgender contestant in the show's history. Nickson proceeded to mock the gender identity of Middleton, for whom Dent was also confused about the appropriate pronoun.

Middleton addressed the controversy through a Twitter post, urging people not to vilify both male HouseGuests but rather, educate them on the value of emotional intelligence. Nickson was also criticized for using the derogatory term " tranny " several times earlier in the game.

The extent of Walton's lies in the House became a heavily contested debate among fans throughout the season. She often spoke about suffering from gastroparesis GP , on which she made several inaccurate or false statements, including its hereditary nature, sterility effect, and terminal prognosis.

Schlehuber also recounted Walton asking viewers for money on camera. However, Walton's mother and her physician took it to social media to combat Walton's critics. Several HouseGuests, especially Graf, attracted controversy for certain inappropriate acts in the House. Footage on the live feeds showed Graf making contact with some HouseGuests in their "private areas" in a joking manner without prior consent. When confronted, Graf dismissed any accusations of such wrongdoing as sexual harassment or invasion of privacy.

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Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 19 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The HouseGuest will be immune from the next three evictions. The HouseGuest must pick a poison that is tied to another HouseGuest. The HouseGuest whose poison was chosen is now "cursed" and must volunteer as a third nominee for eviction in the next 3 weeks. The HouseGuest will have the power to swap with one of the randomly drawn players in the Power of Veto competition and take their place and have the power to participate in any veto competition.

This temptation can only be used once. The HouseGuest will have the power to stop one of the next 4 evictions, meaning that no eviction vote would be held and no one would be evicted.

Grand Island, New York. After getting settled in and introductions were done, they were then informed by series host Julie Chen that the theme for this season is "Summer of Temptation", where they would face various offers during the game that would offer them prizes and unique game-changing advantages throughout the season. However, every temptation that was accepted in the House would have a consequence that would affect at least one of the other HouseGuests.

They began the summer inside the Garden of Temptation, the first competition of the season. A flower was placed in front of the pods and the first HouseGuest to press their button when the flower lit up green would win the money. The identity of the person who pressed the button to accept the money would remain anonymous, however their actions would unleash the first twist of the season.

Kevin accepted the offer, but in doing so it required him to throw the first Head of Household competition as he was now ineligible to win it. Safety Competition "Tempted by the Fruit": The remaining eight HouseGuests battled for their lives in the Tempted by the Fruit competition.

In this competition, HouseGuests had to stand on a trapeze bar while holding on to a rope. If a HouseGuest fell off, they had to select an apple from a serpent.

Four apples contained safety, while three apples were "poisonous". As the competition continued, Julie would give them clues guiding them to the four safe apples. The last HouseGuest standing would guarantee his or her safety from the eviction, and the three HouseGuests with poisonous apples would be nominated for the first eviction.

The winner of that matchup would face the next evicted HouseGuest, and the winner of the final match-up re-entered the game. Victor Arroyo was the winner. Also that season, jury members competed alongside the HouseGuests still in the game. The last HouseGuest standing became the new HoH while the last Jury member standing returned to the game. Victor won this Battle Back making him the first HouseGuest in Big Brother history to reenter the game in the same season for a third time.

This version of the Battle Back did not return for season During Season 19, the four evicted house guests played against each other in one competition. The top two then played head-to-head, and the winner then had to face off against a member inside the house.

If the evicted house guest won, they would re-enter the game. However, if the non-evicted house guest won, no one would re-enter the game and all four evicted house guests would be permanently eliminated. Cody Nickson beat Paul Abrahamian in the final round and re-entered the game.

During Season 20, the first four evicted jury members played against each other in one competition. However, the voting percentages were not revealed for Over the Top. After surviving the first four evictions, the twins were allowed to compete as individuals. Due to this, their vote was instead decided by the American public. After surviving the first five evictions, the twins were allowed to compete as individuals.

The candidates were from the main edition. Since its inception, Big Brother has been criticized following reports of "HIB" Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying , [] violence in the house, obscene language, [] [] [] [] breach of integrity, [] [] and the physical and mental strain of appearing on the series. On September 13th, , during the 20th season, Julie Chen closed out the show, saying, "From outside the Big Brother house I'm Julie Chen Moonves, good night.

It is believed she was standing in solidarity with her husband, Les Moonves , who had just been ousted as President of CBS the week before. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the U. For other uses, see Big Brother disambiguation. For the current season, see Big Brother 20 U. For the digital edition, see Big Brother: For the celebrity edition, see Celebrity Big Brother 1 U. Ian O'Malley Jeff Schroeder — Big Brother —present Big Brother: Live Chat — Big Brother: Over the Top Big Brother 20 Housemates In the House: Marissa Jaret Winokur Runner-up: Over the Top HouseGuests Winner: Jason Roy 2nd Runner-up: Robert "Memphis" Garrett Others: Mike "Boogie" Malin Runner-up: Michael "Cowboy" Ellis Others: Josh Souza 2nd Runner-up: Retrieved August 2, Retrieved 8 September Olympics, Sets Date for 30th Amazing Race".

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