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Network routers usually offer a configuration interface that is accessible via web browser on a URL like http: I am quite techy and don't fear digging in to solve any problems, but I didn't have too many issues. Don't give up if it doesn't work perfectly after your first try. By dd on April 29, If worse comes to worse I'd just return it to Amazon.

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One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. By Captain Mark on September 25, I'm using this as a repeater in my sq foot home and placed it in the second story where the kids hang out. Xbox and three computers demand high speed internet up there and this increased the DSL signal to them as if it were next to the router in the basement. Works so good, that I placed an order for one more for the main level of the house. I tried the one I have there and it provided my iphone an increase in wifi strengh from one bar to the max three bars in the bedroom and bath.

For a repeater use it simple. Dont even try reading the direction It will discover the existing router I use a D-Link dir which are the best and connect to it. This is verifiable by the blue lights on the front of the ASUS unit. For the price it's a steal and the only thing I've found out there that really works.

That's why I took the time to write it up for you. You can always send it back with Amazon's awesome return system. By Howard on January 30, Prior to setting up this product, I had a 2 port wireless N bridge and an 8 port hub plugged into it - 2 ports weren't enough.

Also plugged into the bridge was an old Wireless G Access Point to provide extended coverage at that end of our house. I used the access point plugged into the bridge because the bridge was already in that area of the house, and having this old access point it saved me a few bucks that I wouldn't have to spend on a repeater.

All was working well - aside from the minor inconvenience that while connecting to the access point at the other end of the house, it had a different SSID.

I picked up this item since I saw one on Warehouse Deals for a bit of savings, it is wireless N, and I figured I would get good use out of it since I could repurpose it in the future. When it arrived and I read the quick setup instructions of how to configure the repeater mode, I began to think that it could double as a repeater in addition to being a bridge simultaneously.

Sure enough, after it was configured, I replaced both the existing bridge and the wireless G access point that was plugged into it, then plugged everything into the RT-N12 and voila! Everything is connecting - repeater mode for the wireless devices that were out of range, in addition to being a bridge for all the wired devices. I have other Asus wireless products and they all function flawlessly.

I'm very happy with this item - couldn't be happier. Jackson on May 10, I first bought this to use as a repeater. I was repeating my neighbors wireless with permission whose router was about 50 feet away in his house. I would get a strong enough signal to repeat, but more often would have to reset the RT-N12 because I'd lose connectivity or have a very slow connection.

This would happen sometimes several times a day. Wireless is a mystical animal. I tried downloading Asus' newer software and some 3rd party firmware that others recommend, but nothing helped. The original firmware has been just as effective as any of the others. My neighbor switched to Charter with a Netgear router and that worked a lot better, but I would still drop connectivity on a regular basis.

Its given me no problems for the last month, and handles the 15mbps speed flawlessly. I called Asus about the problem of losing connectivity, when repeating, with my first purchase. They thought I had a bad radio in the router, so I returned it for another one. The new one did the same thing. I was always able to get a strong signal from the neighbor's router, but for whatever reason, the signal from the Asus would drop and no one in my house could connect until I reset the RT-N For the price, its a great router.

If you want to monkey around with a repeater or a bridge, this may be worth a try, maybe your setup would work more favorably - who knows. By Amazon Customer on July 27, I'm not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination so I basically tried every combination of mouse clicking and google searching to get this sucker up and running. Trying to go to To actually get to the place where you can select the network you want to extend the range for you have to go to the configuration screen.

At configuration screen, choose "Network Map" on left. Select "Go" from the menu that pops up to the right. Then select the network to extend. No guarantees that this will work because there were a lot of missteps, unplug, replug, connect, disconnect, yelling at the router, etc.

By The Goat on September 23, I have actually bought two of these, one for home and after using for a week, I bought one for work.

They were setup completely different in one is an access point only and the other is setup as a router. Needless to say none compare in terms of setup simplicity and reliability. It has always been a sore point to setup routers as what is supposed to work never quite does.

With this one for an access point you have to use the disc-- and that was simple as it worked the first time I tried to set it up.

The other one I setup with DSL and utilized the web interface that runs through Internet Explorer automatically that one took 5-minutes. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the setup and if I could give it stars I would. I almost tried another DLink that I bought locally, but returned it the same day as the reviews just were not making me warm and fuzzy.

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