How to Find the iOS Version on Your iPhone 5

It’s useful to know which version of the iOS software you are running and here’s some ways to do it

iOS version history
In Photos options menu select the copy button to select multiple photos to copy. With this release, Apple dropped support for devices using an A5 or A5X processor: Wallpaper available for Home screen. In the General Settings page, tap on Software Update. In Objective-C, and Swift in rare cases, it's better to avoid relying on the operating system version as an indication of device or OS capabilities. Tapping and holding the new tab button will show a list of recently closed tabs.

Preferred Approach

Pre Swift 2.0

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Chan iOS Jailbreak hacker. Good clarification, thank you. You need to be a bit careful here because [ " I might expect NSOrderedSame.

This is at least a theoretical possibility. With the introduction of TVos this has even become more important. See as TVos will return 9. So check the class or method selector is the best way, after this you should check the NSFoundationVersionNumber and only if that is not possible should you check the system versions on UIDevice. Keeping this in a header that you can include where needed is the easiest solution I can think of. Exactly what I needed to make it work.

Nice macros, thank you. This should be the correct best answer. This doesn't work for 10s. For example comparing 4. One should be very careful when using optional. CarlJ 8, 3 26 Starting Xcode 9, in Objective-C: How can this be inverted in either Objective-C or Swift? Can I use guard in Objective-C instead of leaving the block open and indent in else statement? Legoless no, just use an empty if block followed by an else.

That's the solution I currently have, just wanted to avoid unnecessary indentation and empty if blocks. Why not reverse the order here and save a comparision, since both "3.

Doing that may make the logic less clear. The operation should be equivalent, however. A comparison between two integers is surely not very expensive. It's really a matter of style. The overhead of message dispatch will vastly outweigh the extra integer comparison.

Preferred Approach In Swift 2. Now you can check the OS version with a cleaner syntax: This would yield the following: This is used to check for compatible SDK version in Xcode, this is if you have a large team with different versions of Xcode or multiple projects supporting different SDKs that share the same code: You can do that with this: This is wrong in a couple of important ways.

Version numbers aren't always a simple floating-point number, for example "4. You're doing raw floating point comparison. Due to the finite precision of floating point numbers, your comparison may fail or succeed when you wouldn't otherwise expect it to. And the most damning reason, 3: Float numbers have different ordering than strings: Strings can have different ordering that floats but "4.

I always keep those in my Constants. Better to place this in. I place all my constants in my Constants. Jef 4, 2 19 Jef Periods are not decimal points in versioning and are relevant. Your answer does not ignore the periods, It would fail if it did.

In versioning each period separated element is a full number. If you would eliminate periods it would be the same number. Sujania 2, 6 30 With this said, consider the following code. OscarWyck 2, 5 16 Denis Kanygin 7 Gaurav Gilani 1, 11 Sumit Kumar Saha 1 9 NaXir 1, 2 17 I understand apple is bad at rolling out new versions but in most of time version's second number never went beyond 5, so 10 is out of question.

This is an adhoc approach so if it handles case for 2 components you can modify it to handle four case aswel if you want to do manually. Anyhow this approach was commented at time of iOS6 or 7. Try the below code: Just for retrieving the OS version string value: This solution works perfectly using Swift and any iOS version. Especially the checking of the class existence is just perfect. Gank 3, 3 36 Vitali 2, 17 Muhammad Aamir Ali Explain what this does.

Device version is lesser than 3.

Check current iOS version on iPhone

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