How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

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This tab is at the top of the Task Manager window. Share this article with your friends: With IE there's a catch that can be really confusing, though. Since the time this article was written browsers have taken to using multiple instances under the hood. Type task manager into Start. Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

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Enable only essential startup programs

Outlook maintains a database of your email in a file called a PST. If that file has not been properly closed it'll be checked for errors on startup. What processes in windows task manager should I be wary of? Multiples that look the same. Try this multiple times, on both even clicking on the 'do you want to close' dialog box - still not close. It's unclear what application you're closing - event viewer? It should close, but there are processes that cannot be closed because they are critical to system operation.

FireFox opens seperate processes for me, for example, when I click on the FireFox shortcut. IE7 and higher will open a new process for each additional tab that you create, as well. I think it just now makes all windows a new process, for simplicity. As well, I use Outlook at my work and it seems to close itself entirely if you use the X button. At least, it won't continue to tie up any files it had open like PSTs , though it takes a few seconds after the window closes before it really lets go.

IE7 does not create a new process for each tab. I don't fully understand the rules for IE8, but its definitely not a simple one to one relationship between a tab and a process. For example, Java gets its own process in IE8. Consequently, I frequently will close some programs running in the background, systray , that I don't want to use, etc. But I still run into problems at times.

So I'm thinking Info on instances not falling within these parameters would logicly begin on the next page right? But after reading umpteen pages of info, I find nothing I'd not already covered. Hijackthis shows nothing new. Reg apps find 'nada'. I've even manually checked Registry.. When browsing w IE8, only 1 window open tabbed browsing,. I am accessing the web by tether with my cellular phone samsung sch-r on metropcs, Free Internet, Yeah!! I updated from IE7 about a month ago but only noticed the multiple processes about 10 days ago.

Closing window all tabs , results in only 1 process closing. Even 'end process tree' closes only the highlighted process. Lets just say they arn't just redundant entries.. Memory usage high yet networking tab shows no unexpl'd activity. Finally resigned to asking for help, I chose to bother you. I'm hoping that your High Google Ranking is equal to your 'geeky guru-ness' as she crumples 2 floor, head bowed As a matter of fact, it is happening right now and I only have this webpage open, no other windows or tabs.

What could be causing it then? Also, I have two of the following processes running at the same time in task manager: IE8 appears to run multiple processes even if you're viewing a single page. EXE is apparently a status monitor program for Epson printers.

You aren't understanding the problem here. The problem is that processes loaded into memory aren't deleted after the cpu reached the processes eop pointer; or two copies are allocated into memory instead of one. No, no, no yourself. IE8 runs two processes. That's a change from IE7. Word and Outlook are also known to remain in memory unless closed exactly the right way.

This is not some mysterious plot - mysterious software design, perhaps, but not as horrific as people make it out to be. I just read your article about programs replicating themselves in task manager. My problem is that task manager is replicating itself in that window.

It makes everything run so slow that you can't do anything else. I will see your "multiple" instances of Internet Explorer running after only opening one and raise you two, count them, two Windows Explorers running! And I didnt ask for either one of them. A solution to this madness would be very appreciated. Other sites are dancing around the problem too. Is there no solution? Am I to continue running my computer on 4 resources, because Internet Explorer is running the remaining 96?

It's not a problem that needs to be fixed, so there's no "solution". Internet Explorer runs multiple instances on purpose. Windows Explorer frequently does as well. In addition to any Windows Explorer that you might have open, it's the same program - explorer.

I found this forum with a Google search. It suddenly gets really slow to the point of nearly stopping, like one byte's going though at a time I open Task Manager which, as a result of the slowdown, takes about 45 seconds and there are almost always 3 IEs open there when I only opened one, and one of them has a huge memory size and growing. After reading the first answer I left them alone to let them close on their own. If you delete the one with the largest memory size, it disappears and the others do behind it.

They do not, I repeat, not leave on their own like that Thanksgiving house guest They do the same thing on a friend's computer. I am no troll but I have to dispute the author's statement that the reason for multiple browser.

I am seeing these multiples constantly for firefox and IE and I Never use Start to open a new window. Good suggestions on how to quickly close these unwelcome multiples would be most appreciated. In IE8, each tab you open you see it as new proccess. You didn't understand the complain of the first guy at all, i know is an old article but it happen to me to and i am searching for a solution. Net Forums Windows 7 General. Solved several programs running at Windows 7 startup.

Less than an Hour Ago Time Zone: See the link below to learn what Netgear Genie is. Then decide if you want or need to to be running at start up. Very few programs are required to run at start up. That said, if you have enough installed RAM memory it shouldn't matter.

To put your mind at ease you can remove those program listings in the start menu without fear of the computer not running. That list will show you everything that is running and what resources are being consumed by each process.

Removing a program from the start up menu does not uninstall that program. Only stops it from running at start up.

Post how much RAM and if you are running 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: Hi robert, You can disable startup applications one by one. Even if you disable an application that you use, you can re-enable it through System Configuration.

Press and hold windows key looks like a flag and tap R key once to open Run window.

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