Cloudflare Ordered to Expose YTS, Showbox, and Popcorn Time Site ‘Operators’

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Safest Countries for Torrents
Bound Uploaded Please support content creators and only download legal torrents! Fresh Country Radio Aug 4 Uploaded In a series of cases in , a Spanish Judge ruled that downloading copyrighted files for 'Personal Use' as long as there's no intent to profit. Stoneman - Edison Recordings Miranda Lambert - Miranda Lambert Uploaded The release is the number one torrent being downloaded in 5 of the top 20 countries worldwide as measured by number of downloads.

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Elana James - Elana James Gail Davies - Wild Choir Jan Howard - Sweet and Sentimental Stoneman - Edison Recordings Defying Gravity - Keith Urban - kbps - Fresh Country Radio Aug 4. New Country - April Country Got Soul Vol. Sammy Kershaw - The Definitive Collection The Bellamy Brothers Best. Miranda Lambert - Miranda Lambert Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits Jimmy Buckley - Country Favourites.

Brad Paisley - 5th Gear Slim Whitman - Yodeling-Country. Chet Atkins - Mr. James Otto - Sunset Man Dwight Yoakam - Under the Covers George Strait - Somewhere Down in Texas Alabama - When it all goes south Alabama - The Closer You Get Roger Creager - Live Across Texas Southern Pacific - County Line Dolly Parton - Ultimate Dolly Parton Jeff Carson - Real Life Hayes Carll Trouble In Mind Diamond Rio - 16 Biggest Hits Dave McCann - Country Medicine Dale Watson - Whiskey or God Jessica Andrews - Who I Am Jason Greeley - Jason Greeley Craig Morgan - My Kind of Livin Rosanne Cash - Black Cadillac Gary Allan - Smoke Rings in the Dark Doug Stone - Greatest Hits Vol.

Roger Creager - I Got the Guns Jake Hooker - Faded Lights Tanya Tucker - The Essential Ginny Mac - Wishing River Billy Joe Royal - The. Roger Creager - Here It Is Alabama - The Essential Alabama. Bucky Covington — Good Guys Byrds - Fifth Dimension [Remastered] Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield. Juice Newton - Greatest Hits [Collectables] Kansas - Best of Kansas Hook - Hits and History Jimmy Buffett - License to Chill Jimmy Buffett - Feeding Frenzy [Live] Johnny Tillotson - 16 Greatest Songs.

Hook - Bankrupt James Dupre - Its All Happening Fresh Country Radio Nov Ron Rigsby - Banjo On the Run Jan Howard - The Real Me Kevin Spencer Family Some Dawning. Reckless Kelly - Acoustic: Live at Stubb's Turnpike Troubadours - Bossier City We're not legal experts, nor do we claim to be. This article is opinion and represents our current understanding of file-sharing laws in certain countries. We may interpret the legal climate in a country different than a the exact statutes or a judge might.

Do your own research. And get yourself a VPN. Some countries like the United States are struggling to update old laws designed for decades-old varieties of copyright infringement, which are now unfortunately being misapplied to file-sharers with no criminal or profit intent. Other countries, where the internet is still new, had few or no intellectual property laws in place, and are now making strides towards defining them.

Still other nations most notably Switzerland and taking a very progressive stance, that downloading of files for 'personal use' should be entirely legal. In other words, if you aren't profiting off another persons creation, it's legal. Hide your torrents in under 5 minutes. If you're located in a country that isn't particularly torrent friendly, you can still virtually download torrents from within torrent-friendly countries thanks to the geo-switching capabilities of Virtual Private Networks.

Hopefully you only download legal torrent files there are 10's of thousands of them. By using a VPN service with servers located in a 'torrent-friendly' country, you can: Avoid monitoring by your Internet Provider and other 3rd parties Get the full benefit of your bandwidth instead of getting throttled to much slower download speeds. Download files from a server in a country where file-sharing isn't monitored. Encrypt all data transferred, so your ISP cannot see sites you visit or files you download.

Unblock geo-blocked or firewalled sites, including torrent sites. It's important to note, that even if you download copyrighted material via a VPN server in a country where doing so is legal, you may still be doing so from a country where it is still illegal. Please support content creators and only download legal torrents! Switzerland is by far the safest country for torrents. But the Swiss will take your online freedom even further The monitoring of peer-to-peer downloads by a 3rd party is actually illegal!

According to this article on Torrent Freak , IP addresses are considered personal information your IP address is the only personally identifying information available in a torrent swarm. Since collecting personal information without consent is illegal under Swiss law, 3rd party monitoring agencies are actually committing a crime if they do so.

This effectively kills the 'business strategy' used by a number of ' Copyright Trolls '. Though there are new laws under consideration that will help rightsholders remove copyrighted material from web servers, the Swiss protected personal freedom to download files for personal use will likely remain legal for the foreseeable future.

Spain is nearly as safe as Switzerland when it comes to downloading torrents for personal use. In a series of cases in , a Spanish Judge ruled that downloading copyrighted files for 'Personal Use' as long as there's no intent to profit. There are similar protections for personal information as well. Personal data associated with an IP address can only be revealed in the course of a criminal investigation. File-sharing is considered a civil matter.

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