Looking for an app that does IPCONFIG command

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How to Change MAC Address on Android Devices
In case the adb program gives an error, verify that Android device has the debugging preferences enabled. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The default interface for 3G seems to be named rmnet0 instead of eth0 on my Android, so ifconfig rmnet0 works better. Get gateway ip address in android Ask Question. Oct 27, 2, business owner SoCal http: OS Monitor , which shows you amongst others also a lot of network details:.

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Command line with Terminal Emulator

You're only going to see the IP addresses of the routers if you're connected to those routers. Not all busybox apps are the same. The one by Stephen Stericson to me is the best.

He will even add applets that are not currently included if you request it. Last year I had him add crond and hostname. You also don't need to type busybox first. So basically there just isn't a way to do it on my phone?

I'm so let down that there isn't an app or command that does this. Why don't they do the same thing they do on a pc? At least they're not the same kind app-for-idiots the flashlight apps are. They do have some specific use that you can't do with out them. Activate your screen with the brightness turned all the way up! Use a white background. Maybe I'll try a windows phone. They do the same thing. You're expecting your device to show you IP addresses for which the device is unaware.

If all you want it so SSH into the device, adb shell is the way to go: If you are developing a server app, the most user-friendly thing to do would be to show the device's IPs on some TextView , which has a pure-Java method: If your device is running a server, e.

SSHD on port as explained at: The easiest way is using a tool like e. OS Monitor , which shows you amongst others also a lot of network details:. OS Monitor showing network interface details source: Google Play ; click image to enlarge.

But in most cases you can tell from the IP where it belongs to. I've been using if for a couple of weeks. I like NetGenie Lite for all sorts of networking info. Thank you for your interest in this question. The second thing you need for this method to work, apart from root, is Busybox.

You can easily install Busybox on your rooted android phone with the following app:. If you already have Busybox installed on your device, just ignore these steps. The download link can be found on the top of this post. Note that the MAC address change through this method is permanent and does not change upon device restart. Did this method work for you? Have you an easier method than this to change the MAC address?

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Command line with Terminal Emulator

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