Top 10 Best Long Range Wireless Routers in 2018

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The router is said to offer a speed of Mbps on 5GHz band. Running our test suite with all devices manually assigned to the most appropriate radios, we saw little difference between most of the routers we tested:. Solves your bandwidth and connectivity problems The apps need more work Increases Wi-Fi performance Affordable Good speed. Being simple and lightweight, the device is absolutely plug and play especially for windows 10 users. Its CPU and powerful processors make it easy to multi-task both online and directly with other devices. It's important to note that routers rarely, if ever, reach these "maximum speeds" in real-world applications, but if you're looking for performance, consider one of the high-speed routers but be prepared to pay a premium.

10 Best USB Wi-Fi adapters:

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For long-range coverage, it has 9 internal antennas and works with IEEE There is an app available to use on your Android or iOS device to help manage your home network. Setting up the unit is a breeze and only takes a couple of minutes.

With the channels, you can enjoy downloading and viewing 4K videos plug play games online without the annoying buffering. For sharing and storing data it has two 2. Extra, you get parental and guest access control with Smartphone alerts and you receive a three-year warranty. Receive up to 5. You receive up to megabytes per second when using the 2. The Nighthawk X8 is a tri-band router and you can connect different mobile devices to it. With the implemented Quad Stream, you get up to 4 data streams per band.

The smart connect selects the fastest band for each device connected. This is a great wireless router for a large home or small business to use. NETGEAR designed the device with four external and four internal antennas giving you eight in total for amplifying the range. For high-performance wifi connection, it has a 1. Pros Runs loads of devices simultaneously Huge needs loads of space No dropped connections Expensive Easy to set up Cons Huge needs loads of space Expensive 7.

For super fast speed you get up to Mbps with the two 5 GHz and one 2. This technology allows you to connect different devices simultaneously. You can play online games and stream 4K high-definition videos without the buffering. The device has smart connect and a 1. This gives you an uninterrupted connection. For sharing files and storing data, you can use the 2.

Different users can enjoy wireless signals with the Beamforming. Set up your personal VPN server to browse the web and access different files without the need of using VPN subscriptions. The router has eight external antennas with four by Gigabit Ethernet ports. The great thing is that this long-range Wi-Fi router can cover up to 10, square feet of coverage. Pros Great wireless router No complaints compared to the other models Strong signal Amazing price Does not drop connection Works well with all Apple devices Setting up the router is quick Cons No complaints compared to the other models 8.

This router is not just any device it uses Mesh Technology. The unit has an advanced antenna to provide your large home with enough coverage. Connect your modern mobile devices to it with the turbocharged Bluetooth connection. If you struggle with dead spots in the office or home the mesh points in the AmpliFi helps to eliminate this problem. For using an external device, it has a USB 2. Included you receive 2 mesh points and you can buy them separate if you need extra points. You do not need to connect the points to the wireless router.

All you need is the power outlets throughout the home to connect them directly. The wifi routers designed with a touchscreen display and you can download the app to different devices to manage your home network. With the app, you can track the performance and control devices with the parental control. Setting up the device is quick and easy and you get a one-year warranty included.

For transferring data, you have a choice of using the USB 2. The device accommodates the 3G and 4G dongle. For the best control over your home network, you receive a setup CD included. Get protection on the network with Trend Micro and parental control. Store your data on the AiCloud 2. With the combined 2. Use the app to manage your home network directly from your Smartphone or any other mobile device.

The unit has six external antennas and is a tri-band router with The great thing is when you purchase the AC GB router you get extra the 6 detachable antennas, power adapter, setup guide, warranty card, support CD and the RJ cable. This is the best wireless router for downloading videos and playing high-definition games. Connect up to 10 wireless devices as the unit has a strong MHz processor.

The device can handle the connection and delivers the best connection for all to enjoy. With the external antenna design, you can get up to Mbps speed and you have access to wireless coverage and the Gigabit Ethernet.

Share data by connecting an external hard drive to the USB 2. Do you have visitors staying over? Use the genie app to connect different devices, use printers, and manage your home network. The prime features are the ReadyShare USB and printer access, synchronized dual-band, parental control, guest network access and secure wireless connection.

You can buy wifi routers in different brands and models from affordable to the expensive one. Do you own a large home with thick walls then a long-range wireless router will leave you with the best connection speed? They are powerful devices sending out strong signals in different directions and highly effective.

Certain brands have the directional signal technology and others detect the location of a device. These Wi-Fi routers power-up signal strengths in the direction of where the devices are located. AC provides ultra-fast connection by following the Whether you want to perform long hours of Skype video call, transfer bulk data or watch HD videos, there is nothing to stop you when using the Wsky AC wireless USB adapter.

You can now connect with PC, laptop and Mac without the need of any hectic installations. Moreover, the product is launched with a percent satisfaction guarantee so that users do not have to face any regret.

So, if you are planning to purchase a budget friendly and great performing USB Wi-Fi adapter, AC will surely never fail to amuse in terms of performance and reliability. This adapter is absolutely simple to use and operate as there is no need for any type of installations.

Whether you want to connect with your PC, laptop or MAC, this wireless network adapter surely provides best performance and stability. Furthermore, the dual band connectivity of 2.

Seojack has now introduces a Worry-Free Warranty which means you can avail a complete refund or replacement if not satisfied. This Dual Band Wireless Adapter has built in adjustable and detachable omni-directional antenna which provides best signal strength and performance. Moreover, if you are having tight corners or edges around your house, the antenna can be adjusted in order to avail best signal strength.

As compared to other wireless network adapters of the similar range, there is certainly no match in terms of performance and durability. This also reduces lags and freezes caused during online gaming and streaming. If you are worried about long installations, this device is absolutely plug and play for Windows 10 users which requires a onetime setup only.

Furthermore, the device is absolutely lightweight and compact making it easier to carry upon in routine. With the dual band technology, you can easily establish a Mbps connection at 2. This device also has built in detachable adjustable Dual band 2dbi antenna which is programmed for increased coverage and high performance. Moreover, the packaging also includes a CD driver and user manual for further assistance. If you are constantly worried about weak signal strength and disconnectivity, this amazing USB 3.

Furthermore, this device can also be used to make a wired network connectivity with Android tablets, Chrome books or desktops computers. Now with improved performance and reliability, users can enjoy HD video streaming, transfer bulk data or play games online without any hesitation.

Furthermore, the device does not need any sort of configuration to activate and can is absolutely plug and play. Check Prices Our last recommendation on the list is specially recommended for Apple users as it can let them pair up with MAC computer without any problem.

The device can be inserted into the Thunderbolt port on the MAC computer and gives an uninterrupted connection through the RJ port. Apple Thunderbolt allows its users to easily connect with a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet network without the need of any prior installations or setups.

As the device is only meant to be used by Apple users, you will need to have a Thunderbolt equipped Mac computer featuring OS X v Most of the time our routine Wi-Fi network signals are not sufficient to perform bulk data transfer or bigger downloads for which Ethernet adapters can prove to the best solution. Moreover, network strength varies for each MacBook model which also depends upon the distance it is placed from the Wi-Fi router.

So, if you are tired of continuous lagging and slow signal speed, buying the Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet Adapter can surely be a wise decision. Although wired connections are considered as the safest way to get connected with the internet, but Wi-Fi has surely given us great relief and performance upgradations. Even if you are living in a small house or apartment, wireless network strength tends to vary for long distance connections.

To get rid of lagging and slow speed internet signals, USB wireless network adapters were introduced which can be inserted into the USB port of your desktop computer or laptop for best Wi-Fi performance. They usually require an easy installation or setup after which the device can be used as plug and play. We have discussed some of the best tips and tricks to purchase a reliable yet great performing USB Wireless Adapter.

USB wireless adapters are available in different designs and performance parameters. Selecting one product only because of its sleek appearance and beauty will certainly not give you long term benefit. Read the performance specifications at first to make sure the device matches your wireless connectivity needs. Check whether it supports dual bands 2. Moreover, we also recommend our readers to study about the wireless protocols the device operates on for better performance.

Secondly, you need to check whether your laptop features a USB 2. Usually, there are USB 3. Learning major differences about 2. USB wireless adapters with 2 or more 5dBi antennas provide better range and signal quality. So, if you regularly watch HD movies, download files or play online games, selecting the devices with dual antennas can surely be a wise choice. Furthermore, most of the devices now feature plug and play feature for which only one-time installation is required.

We recommend you to select company of which you are currently using the Wi-Fi router in order to avail ultimate performance. Wi-Fi routers and USB wireless adapters manufactured by the same company give better signal strength and speed when paired together.

In case this is not possible, you are advised to select the option which has best customer reviews and ratings. Purchasing an expensive USB wireless range extender certainly does not mean you can avail best performance benefit.

Overview your Wi-Fi connectivity issues and select the product which has the capability to provide long term benefit. Once you are done with your selection, read some customer reviews and ask questions from the manufacturers to remove any confusions. With the never ending technological advancements, USB wireless adapters have now become a must have device. If you are constantly facing lagging and slow Wi-Fi speed, problem might not be with your internet service provider.

Wireless network signals tend to drop and distort after a certain distance or range for which support from a USB wireless adapter can prove to be of great support.

Guide to buy the best USB Wi-Fi adapter

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