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Ann in Ansonia, Connecticut said: I think it's illegal to ask questions in relation to anything else, like the kind of person you are. But normally if you refuse to do something like that employers can get pretty upset and then terminate. I presume you did not get hired too? Expand all panels Expand all panels Collapse all panels. Your chances are greater if you could prove having work in a banking environment.

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But this is not what upset me the most. What upset me the most was the way the interview was conducted and the way I was treated in a process. The interview itself was a group interview why should I talk about myself a front of 11 other candidates? Secondly, 3 hours after the interview, I received an e-mail from the HR rep informing me that I would not be hired. When I left her a message in a VM asking whether this e-mail was pertaining to the specific position, or all positions I applied for, I never recieved a call back.

Did I mention that when I was introducing myself at that group interview, one of the interviewers HR rep simply walked out of the room? I believe that the interviewers did not give enough time to hear what I had to say, and probably did not even bother to check my background or references.

Ironically, at that interview, they claimed how important it was for them to show the same kind of respect and kindness to the job candidates as to their customers. Heres my horror story, they offered me a position I was finger printed after the offer and then the offer was rescinded for a misdemeanor conviction from ,guess what?

I was 15, 36 years ago! The background checks are not fair! By law your old employer can not disclose the circumstances of your termination. They can only state dates of employment and date of discharge and what your position was. However, if you sign a form giving permission to BOA for additional disclosure, I am not sure what information is shared.

Usually they ask for a reference from your last boss to get info out of them on the sly. Ria in Oviedo, Florida. UE in Buffalo is right. If you got fired base on any ground, you may not expect a positve review from Bofa. Charlie in Atlanta, Georgia. If you applied for unemployment and was turned down because of the firing, it becomes a matter of public record then and will show up on your background check. As for former employers, they need only clear their throat when asked about such things and any potential hiring manager will know what that means and there is no law against someone clearing their throat and not answering a question.

What is this USA becoming?? Let's all go to India or China and work They go back to your baby cradel, don't leave any stone unturned! If you do a class action suit I will be happy to join you. They went back 36 years on me and like you, all I want to do is work!!!! Its nothing like paying back society until death do us part for a juvenile problem at that! I think this background check stuff is taking things way too far. I presume you did not get hired too?

What was the 20 year old issue that resurrected it self in your background? From my understanding they are contracted to have the information back to BOA within business days. Employment and Education Verification. How does ChoicePoint know about your education , employment may or may not be on your cbr also???? They verify all the information that you give them. So if they cannot verify the information that you gave them; you will not be eligible to work for them for at least 9 months.

Be sure to use the name that you had at the time you had the run in with the police. With a credit card you'll get an instant internet report and you will be able to sleep tight! Oh you will also have access to the report for 90 days and you'll be able to track what BOA sees when they run the report, also did you state the arrest and conviction on your application?

You shouldn't had to if it truly was a juvenile record and was expunged, however, I had a similar situation, and it showed up on my adult record and they recinded the offer. It could mean either or, hr departments used the term interchangabily, what what the circumstances of your termination, voluntarily or involuntarily?

Summerbreeze in Charlotte, North Carolina. No, but I went through the entire process and did some research. BOA can only check what you tell them. I had a wonderful interview with the first recruiter and had a phone interview with the second recruiter scheduled. The second recruiter lied to the first recruiter and told her she left me a voicemail because I did not answer for my scheduled interview time. Does any reasonable person believe that if you wanted a job you would not answer your phone?

So basically I am at the mercy of the recruiter that lied. My second interview never took place. Hopefully the recruiter in your area actually does their job. I can't believe that happened to you. Where you interviewing to work for corporate or a branch? I would try and contact higher authority and get that person booted You probably won't be able to do that but it sounds good. It's difficult to blow big brother down, BOA is a corporate giant and all you can do continually try to get recruiter 1 on the phone to settle the misunderstanding and continue to try to get the interview.

They're not heartless, just busy Ann in Ansonia, Connecticut. Also, i was terminated from one job because i refuse to train another employee for my job. Ann in Ansonia, Connecticut said: No, you usually do not have to go all the way back that far. Normally your last 4 or 5 jobs in the past like 4 years or so. Depending on what the position is, if you have worked in a similiar position to the one you are applying for than it would make sense to mention that on your resume or cover letter if it was a long time ago.

Just so the employer knows you do have experience in that area when they look at your qualifications. Lady D in Buffalo, New York said: How long does it usually take for Choicepoint to complete all the background stuff? Do you work for BOA now? Thank you so much for your comment. What a useful tool you gave. I do have another question, please send response to i being attack and refusing to train an employee info.

Thank you for responding so rapidly. I am not too sure about that. It depends on how recently you stopped working for that company. Either way, you don't have to use them as a reference if you think they may not give you a good one. I worked for this one company that was doing some weird stuff behind closed doors and I left and never used them as a reference because I didn't trust what they might tell someone who called them and asked about me. Sometimes recruiters don't check ALL references.

Just some, it just really depends. Most employers have employees train others from time to time for whatever reason, it's one of those things you just have to do sometimes. I would have negotiated a raise in that situation.

But normally if you refuse to do something like that employers can get pretty upset and then terminate. Ann in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Please enter the ZIP code for your home address so we can give you accurate rate and fee information for your location. Skip to main content.

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