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Kodi vs. Bittorrent: Who's the best?
But what they're using instead isn't much stronger. The fake Flash Player, which you would have to pick up from a BitTorrent site, according to Intego, installs various apps on your Mac, including: Security GovPayNow's dodgy website security exposes 14 million customer records But there's no indication that data was used for nefarious purposes 19 Sep. Stream files from the cloud before you download. Art Haedike September 26, , 3:

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Then came across this guide to install it virtually… not only did I get ubuntu working. I can quickly switch between my Mac tasks and ubuntu swiftly. I personally think this is better than installing as a bootable media on the hard disk. Evan Sitzes October 20, , 9: Awesome, easy to follow, and up to date!

Steve Fister December 11, , 2: Eric February 11, , Got up and running in a jif. Jaydev April 7, , 2: Ross McKillop April 7, , M April 14, , 1: Ross McKillop April 21, , 1: Teemu Leisti June 20, , Art Haedike September 26, , 3: Lei October 23, , Sandeep Mohan November 3, , 1: Thanks it worked for me.

You made it very easy. Hardware Google Home Max review A year late and ruddy expensive but it still sounds spectacular 18 Sep. Hardware Dell Inspiron 15 2-in-1 hands-on 03 Sep. Phones Nokia review 20 Aug. Gadgets Microsoft Surface Book 2 15in review 14 Aug. Most read Most commented iPhone XS release date, price and specs: Pixel 3, 3 XL shown off in official-looking renders Lenovo: A closer look at the world's first 7nm smartphone chip It's got potential, it's just a shame it's trapped in an incremental iPhone upgrade 13 Sep.

Bet you can't 13 Sep. Boffin Watch BBC 4. Audio Inside Dolby's bid to shake up cinema and smartphone tech 30 Jul. Microsoft wants you to hand over control of your entire network to Managed Desktop. Surface Laptop 2 surfaces ahead of Microsoft's 2 October Surface event. Microsoft stops meddling with Chrome and Firefox installations on Windows All you need is Lobe - Microsoft buys another promising AI startup. One such flaw is the High Sierra root bug, discovered on 28 November This flaw in macOS Apple immediately issued a statement confirming that it was working on a fix and an update was anticipated to be issued within days find out about the latest version of macOS here.

We have a guide to protecting your Mac from the High Sierra root bug here. On the basis that Apple addresses flaws and vulnerabilities with the Mac by issuing updates to the Mac operating system, it is important to keep your Mac up to date. We advise checking regularly for OS updates remains a key part of a sound security strategy. However, sometimes, albeit rarely, a software update can lead to vulnerabilities - such as the High Sierra root bug mentioned above.

You can find out about the latest version of MacOS here: Latest version of MacOS. You can set your Mac to automatically update as soon as a new version of the operating system is made available. Follow these instructions to set that up:. If you'd rather not let your Mac automatically update, you should periodically check to see if there is an update to your version of MacOS by visiting the Mac App Store and clicking on Updates.

Alternatively, you can follow these instructions:. You may need to restart your computer once the update has downloaded. You can expect a typical MB download to take about 8 minutes during which time you will still be able to work but for a large update you will have to restart and install and that could take as much as 20 minutes, bringing the total install time to about 25 minutes in total.

For our in-depth guide to updating Mac operating systems, see How to update macOS. As we've explained above, it's certainly not an essential requirement to install antivirus software on your Mac. Apple does a pretty good job of keeping on top of vulnerabilities and exploits and the updates to the MacOS that will protect your Mac will be pushed out over auto-update very quickly. However, sometimes Apple doesn't respond as quickly as Mac users might hope.

In that case there are some free antivirus apps that might give you some peace of mind. Our current pick of the best antivirus is Intego antivirus for Mac. You'll find nine further options in our round-up of the best antivirus for Mac here.

Beware that due to the fact that people are so concerned about malware threats on the Mac there have been cases of malware actually disguising itself as an antivirus app. Back in one of the biggest Mac malware infections was a fake antivirus app called MacDefender. Another Mac antivirus company that is often thought of as unscrupulous is MacKeeper.

There are various reports that suggest it is a scam or at worst malware. However, according to reports, MacKeeper is not a scam, but unfortunately, its aggressive advertising leads many to believe that it is, and perhaps it is unfortunately named too similar to the fake antivirus app above. There are also complaints that it is difficult to uninstall and we have a guide to how to uninstall MacKeeper here.

Don't connect to public Wi-Fi networks - Beware of connecting to a public Wi-Fi network as there may be someone spying who could gain access to your passwords and other private information, or you could have your session hijacked.

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