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Develop your app with your personal account. Request only the data and publishing permissions your app needs to provide a good user experience. Don't prevent people from gaining access to any Page you create or manage on their behalf. Your use of Facebook technology is subject to this Platform Policy, our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and any other terms that apply to the applicable technology. Follow any instructions we include in our technical documentation.

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Facebook Login Facebook is the largest social network site on the planet. Web sites or services directed to children under If you use Social Plugins or our JavaScript SDK for Facebook on sites and services that are directed to children under 13, you are responsible for complying with all applicable laws. For example, if your web site or service is directed to children in the United States, or knowingly collects personal information from children in the United States, you must comply with the U.

You must also adhere to our usage notes. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdiction where your app is available. Do not expose Facebook or people who use Facebook to harm or legal liability as determined by us in our sole discretion.

You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind including reasonable legal fees and costs related to any claim against us related to your service, actions, content or information. Only use an entity's data on behalf of the entity i. Don't use an entity's data to retarget on or off of Facebook, use piggybacking or redirects, or combine an entity's data with data from another entity.

For all Platform features ex: APIs you use as a Tech Provider, comply with the following:. Don't use Platform to enable an entity to access user data, unless you have entered into a separate agreement with us. This policy does not prohibit you from charging for any of your other products and services unrelated to use of the Platform feature or related Facebook Services.

Ensure you have the authority to use the Platform feature or related Facebook Services on the entity's behalf. Revoke an entity's access to the Platform feature or related Facebook Services if we request it. We can analyze your app, website, content, and data for any purpose, including commercial. We will use information we receive from you or in connection with your Platform integration in accordance with our Data Policy.

You give us all rights necessary to use any API, SDK, or other technology you provide us to enable your app or bot to work, including the right to incorporate information you provide to us into other parts of Facebook, and the right to attribute the source of information using your name or logos.

We may use your name, logos, content, and information, including materials you submit for review, screenshots and video captures of your app and your Facebook Page, for distribution, marketing, and promotional purposes, to demonstrate or feature your use of Facebook, worldwide and royalty-free in all formats and media. You also represent that you have the right to grant this permission. You give us the right to link to or frame your app, and place content, including ads, around your app.

If you use our social plugins, feed dialog or share button, you also give us permission to use and allow others to use such links and content on Facebook.

You grant us and our affiliates a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works of, any data, content, and other information made available by you or on your behalf in connection with the Platform feature.

This license survives even if you stop using the Platform feature. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary rights from all applicable rights holders to grant this license. Any API made available by you or on your behalf in connection with the Platform feature is deemed part of your App.

We or an independent auditor acting on our behalf may audit your app, systems, and records to ensure your use of Platform and data you receive from us is safe and complies with our Terms, and that you've complied with our requests and requests from people who use Facebook to delete user data obtained through our Platform.

If requested, you must provide us with proof that your app complies with our terms. Facebook and its licensors reserve all right, title and interest, including all intellectual property and other proprietary rights, in and to all SDKs.

Any SDKs you receive from us are provided to you on an "as is" basis, without warranty of any kind. We may enforce against your app or website if we conclude you have violated our terms or are negatively impacting the Platform, and we may suspend your app or website, with our without advance notice, while we investigate suspected violations of our terms. We may or may not notify you in advance.

We communicate with developers through Developer Alerts and email from the fb. We may change these terms at any time without prior notice. Please check them regularly. Your continued use of Platform constitutes acceptance of those changes. Your use of Facebook technology is subject to this Platform Policy, our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and any other terms that apply to the applicable technology.

Verify that you have integrated Login correctly. Your app shouldn't crash or hang during the testing process. Use a clearly branded log in button that follows the guidelines in the Facebook Brand Resource Center.

Request only the data and publishing permissions your app needs to provide a good user experience. Ask for a write permission only at a point when your app needs the permission ex: You cannot convert user data you receive from us into independent data ex.

If a person declines a permission, you can prompt them again after they indicate an intent to grant you the permission. Provide a "Log Out" option that functions properly and is easy to find. If you have ads in your app on Facebook, comply with our Advertising Policies. If you use a third party ad provider to include ads in your app on Facebook, only use a provider from this list. If you run a promotion, contest, competition, or sweepstake on Facebook, comply with our Promotions Policies.

Use Facebook Payments offers if you reward people for actions involving third parties. Only use Facebook Login, social plugins, and publishing channels. Don't charge for any items within iOS games i. For all other games, you may only charge for items in your game if you have entered into a separate agreement with us. Don't build, append to, edit, influence, or augment user profiles, including profiles associated with any mobile device identifier or other unique identifier that identifies any particular user, browser, computer or device.

If you want to facilitate or promote online gambling, online real money games of skill, or online lotteries, get our written permission before using any of our products. If you accept payments on Facebook, only do so in your app. Don't include URLs or use the Facebook brand. Use high quality, relevant images that reflect the app experience. Keep any image text concise.

Don't obstruct images with text. Use a transparent or colored background. If your icon requires a white background, use a colored border. If your logo has a drop shadow, use a colored background. Display the app's name. Keep your video high-quality and high-resolution. Your video and its video cover image should be clear and recognizable.

Write the action and object in a clear and simple way. Make sure the story is grammatically correct. Use English for your submission. Allow people to remove stories published to Facebook on the same page where the content is hosted. The quotes plugin is intended to help people select their own quote to share. Use the app-defined quotes parameter if you want to suggest quotes for people to share. If you use the app-defined quotes parameter, the suggested quote must not contain URLs, ads, third party branded content or any other promotional content of any kind.

Don't promote content, services, or activities contrary to our competitive position, interests, or advertising philosophy. Don't provide Partner Category targeting options that differ from those offered by Facebook. Pages in the same ad account. Only charge fees for the use of your tools and managed services with a fixed fee or variable percentage of ad spend. Proactively disclose to end advertisers the amount that you spent on Facebook advertising, using Facebook metrics e.

We may disclose fees or the amount you spent on Facebook advertising to your clients if they request it. If you have Standard Ads API access and our prior written permission, you can place 1x1 pixel view tags on advertisements. If you use custom audiences, comply with the Custom Audience Terms.

Before enabling people to create a Page, first provide a means for them to claim an existing Place to prevent Page duplication. Don't disclose administrators of a Page to third parties without the administrator's consent.

Keep in mind that many of these proxies may be configured for browser-use only - meaning that they cannot be used from within spam applications, etc. The map below shows the number of proxy servers that were alive at least during once check over the past 30 days.

A great alternative to VPNs. Use this with our own free US-based proxy server: Free Proxy List, Web Proxy, Online Proxy Tools The purpose of this site is to provide free proxy services as well as the information about using proxies for various purposes. What is a Proxy Server? What are the uses of Proxy Servers? Proxy Server Statistics In here you can see how many proxy servers and of what type are active at any given moment over the past two weeks.

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