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Generic bzip2 compress gzip lzip lzop pack rzip Snappy XZ Utils. The concept is simple: Below an overview of one of the most powerful Polybase options: By default Polybase is disabled on an APS appliance.

Secondly we have to add an Azure storage account to the core-site config file that resides on the APS Control node in folder:. Copy and paste the account name and the key into the core-site.

Another good reason to put the compression algorithms to the test! To list all already defined Data sources on the APS run: The syntax will look something similar to:.

It took 11 minutes and 39 seconds to upload the 10 million rows to Azure. With as result a regular table that we can query as any other SQL database table but with the data stored in Azure! To set it up you will need your Azure Storage account name and -key once more. This makes it very easy to trace where the data originated from! APS supports a variety of compression codecs with the various file formats. It took only 2minutes and 48 seconds to upload the same 10 million rows; that means 4.

Also the file size decreased from 1. With the GZIP method we achieved an 3. When you export data from an APS distributed table where data is striped across multiple servers and tables the CETAS command will automatically start for every table distribution an upload into a separate file: In the example below an 8 node APS with 64 distributions will create 64 Gzipped data files in parallel, each containing a fraction of the dataset:. Use a table naming convention to easily identify where the external data resides since you will query these external tables transparently as any other table.

Polybase provides a virtual data layer. For each of the 3 supported external file formats and the various data compression methods I recorded the time it took to upload the 10 million rows during at least 2 test runs.

What is a GZ file extension?

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