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Line-by-line instructions for filling out the form for requesting proof of U.S. citizenship

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Everything you need for a fast connected home. The LAN subnet mask of the wireless modem router. You can use this screen to select a folder, to change the share name, or to change the read access or write access from All - no password to admin. It offers concurrent dual-band technology that allows devices to avoid interference and also ensures top speeds and the greatest range for demanding applications, such as streaming HD video and multiplayer gaming. See Steps to Become an American Citizen for an overview on that process.

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N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship

Department of Homeland Security. Please note that service centers are not able to process credit card payments. There is no fee if you are a member or veteran of the U. Please do not submit this checklist with your Form N It is an optional tool to use as you prepare your form, but does not replace statutory, regulatory, and form instruction requirements.

We recommend that you review these requirements before completing and submitting your form. Do not send original documents unless specifically requested in the form instructions or applicable regulations. You may view the form instructions at uscis. Administration M a nage your net work This chapter describes the settings for administering and maintaining your wireless modem router and home network.

See also Remote Management on page for information about upgrading or checking the status of your wireless modem router over the Internet, and Traffic Meter on page for information about monitoring the volume of Internet traffic passing through You can update the firmware from the Administration menu on the Advanced tab. You might see a message at the top of the Genie screens when new firmware is available for your product. If no address is shown or the address is 0. To stop the polling entirely, click Stop.

The wireless network name SSID used by the wireless modem router. The default names for the 5 GHz ends in -5G to distinguish it from the 2. Indicates whether the radio feature of the wireless modem router is enabled. If this feature is not enabled, the Wireless LEDs on the front panel are off. To email the log immediately, click the Send Log button.

Manage the Configuration File The configuration settings of the N Modem Router are stored within the wireless modem router in a configuration file. You can back up save this file to your computer, restore it, or reset it to the factory default settings. Click Backup Settings to save a copy of the current settings. Click Apply so that your changes take effect. Then you will have an easy way to recover the password if it is forgotten.

Perform a DNS Lookup. Click this button to perform a remote restart of the router. Use this operation if the router seems to have become unstable or is not operating normally. Advanced Settings Fine tu ning your net work This chapter describes the advanced features of your wireless modem router. The information is for users with a solid understanding of networking concepts who want to set the wireless modem router up for unique situations such as when remote access from the Internet by IP or domain name is needed.

The following settings are available in this screen: You can completely turn off the wireless portion of the wireless modem router by clearing this check box. For instance, you could turn it off for the weekend if you leave town. On this screen you can restrict access to your network to specific devices based on their MAC address. Doing this enables the wireless modem router to act as a wireless repeater. A wireless repeater connects to another wireless wireless modem router as a client where the network to which it connects becomes the ISP service.

To configure this mode, you have to know the MAC addresses of the child repeater access point. The wireless modem router sends all traffic from its local wireless or wired computers to a remote access point. If your wireless modem router is the repeater, selecting this check box means that wireless clients cannot associate with it. Only LAN client associations are allowed. If you are setting up a point-to-point bridge, select this check box.

Scroll to view more settings In the Wireless Repeating Function screen depending on the frequency you want to use , select the Enable Wireless Repeating Function check box and select the Wireless Base Station radio button.

Before sending the web page request message to www. Using the port triggering function of your wireless modem router, you can tell the wireless modem router to open additional incoming ports when a particular outgoing port originates a session. Only one computer at a time can use the triggered application. Port Forwarding to Permit External Host Communications In both of the preceding examples, your computer initiates an application session with a server computer on the Internet.

Port Forwarding is selected as the service type. Click Add to display the following screen: From the Service list, select the service or game that you will host on your network. The service appears in the list in the screen. Add a Custom Service To define a service, game, or application that does not appear in the Service Name list, you have to first determine which port number or range of numbers is used by the application.

Click Edit Service or Delete Service. Making a Local Web Server Public If you host a web server on your local network, you can use port forwarding to allow web requests from anyone on the Internet to reach your web server.

Also, you need to know the number of the outbound port that will trigger the opening of the inbound ports. In the Service Name field, type a descriptive service name. In the Service User list, select Any the default to allow this service to be used by any computer on the Internet. First visit their website at http: Under usual circumstances, the wireless modem router has adequate routing information after it has been configured for Internet access, and you do not need to configure additional static routes.

In the Route Name field, type a name for this static route for identification purposes only. For greater security, enter a custom port number for the remote web management interface. Choose a number between and , but do not use the number of any common service port. The UPnP screen displays. The available settings and information in this screen are: UPnP can be enabled or disabled for automatic device configuration.

If you would like to record and restrict the volume of Internet traffic, select the Traffic volume control by radio button. Troubleshooting Diagnose and solve problem s This chapter provides information to help you diagnose and solve problems you might have with your wireless modem router.

Sequence to Restart Your Network Be sure to restart your network in this sequence: Turn off and unplug the modem. Make sure that the power cord is securely connected to your wireless modem router and that the power adapter is securely connected to a functioning power outlet.

If all the LEDs stay on, there is a fault within the wireless modem router. This form enables certain people who became U. The technical terms for gaining citizenship in such a way are either "acquisition" when someone is born outside the U.

The exact law that might apply to you cannot be summarized here, because it depends on the year in which you were born and the terms of the laws in effect at that time. If you're not sure whether you have in fact acquired or derived citizenship, speak to an immigration attorney.

Gaining citizenship through naturalization is a separate process in which applicants must file Form N and prove that they have spent the appropriate amount of time in the U. See Steps to Become an American Citizen for an overview on that process. If you believe that you have already acquired or derived U.

Below, we provide a quick summary of the most likely documents you'll need to submit and why they're important forms of proof.

You will, in the end, need to make your own judgments about which documents will prove that you have a valid claim to U. For example, if you were claiming to have acquired citizenship because you were born to U. In such a case it would be important to submit proof of both your parents' U. Because your claim to citizenship rests upon your parent s , you will almost need to provide your birth certificate showing your parent s names along with your Form N It's even possible that one of your parents may never have claimed U.

You would, in that case, also need to provide your parent's birth certificate showing relationship to your grandparents. Under some of the earlier laws on acquisition of citizenship, you need to prove that your father was married to your mother at the time of your birth in order to gain citizenship through your father. Alternately, you can show that your father "legitimated" you by a certain age.

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