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Download Realtek HD Audio Drivers 2.82
Unfortunately, this does not support Thunderbolt 3 signals, which slightly limits its usefulness. It could be either the motherboard, SATA cable or drive issue. Then a complete fresh install of windows 10, only to see the same error in my Adobe Lightroom 6CC program. Thank you soo much you saved me you really did thank god for you. This is a serious OC board. Windows 7 Ultimate x You must restart the computer in order to complete the reset.


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Otherwise, the devices will not show and operate correct speeds, and you'll have what's known as a Duplex Mismatch. Where do you plug the ethernet cable into? If yes, then that's the problem. I also had the same Problems, have an Internet connection of Mbits, but recived only Mbits on my Laptop and so i tried and checked everything, but seemed nothnig really worked.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. David Hayes 1, 2 11 Oct 20 '09 at 1: Also, check the specs on the Realtek NIC itself. As of , Hewlett-Packard is shipping ostensibly high-end laptops i. It was the cables! I finally found time to check all the cables between the two machines and switched out a couple of unarked cheapy cables for some Cat 5e ones and boom 1GBs.

I'mamazed I was always very skeptical that cables made a difference. I was skeptical when I read the solution but I tried it and replacing the cable also solved my problem and bumped speed on one of my computers from to MBPS.

Other useful links on the topic: EvilChookie 4, 1 20 But then i found the solution: The unit stood up to regular abuse: Handles these tasks wonderfully which makes teaching programming that much easier. I even picked up a second for myself as run RasPlex on it. Now that I have tested all of the modules,I feel I better get some credit to the manufacturer for producing those modules with such low price.

Yes, there will be some sensors not working in each case, normally they can be fixed quickly. I would recommend you if you are into arduino here is a link to wiki page with most of them listed with sample code: Excellent Value I'm giving this a 4-Star to start, if there are issues later I will update.

So far, I think this is an excellent value. I examined all of the sensors and they arrived in good condition. I'm glad they were in plastic bags because several of them have tiny mercury switches, if any of the sensors had broken the bags would have contained them.

Identifying the sensors can be a challenge if one has no experience with electronics, I'm a high school drop out so it was no problem for me. I made up a document that I can put in the lid which identifies each of the sensors by name and with an image. The images are really small, but, are good enough for me to identify most of the sensors easily. Good kit but you need to already know how to use an Arduino first. It looks cool and I saw this kit and thought it would be a good way to get my feet wet.

I've just now gotten time to start playing with this and have gotten to lesson four. The modules come in a nice sturdy plastic box and are all separated.

There is an insert in the lid that shows you the location of each part with its image and its name, a few have the actual part number too. For instance, there is one named "temp and humidity" and one named "18b20 Temp".

The instruction book shows you a picture of which module you should use with that activity lesson so it should be easy for anyone to identify what they need. What this kit could use is some work in the information that it provides.

Major Performance increase - minor quirks. I wasn't anticipating that I would see much of an increase in performance going from 1. This Pi seems much, much faster than the previous P3 B models. I'm not sure if the improvements are from the new OS, The CPU or the Networking, but Chromium was painfully slow before, youtube was barely keeping up in a small window and opening more than one or two tabs would bog the entire system.

Now I can view a youtube video full screen x It's a viable desktop machine at this point. There are a few quirks: Had to remove the hub and go straight to the KVM. Now I have one, my first, and I finally get it.

If anything, they are under-hyped. If you haven't seen one in person yet, they are much smaller than you probably imagine. If you haven't used one yet, they are much, MUCH, more capable than you probably imagine. It would be good with just 2. I opted for the very basic CanaKit because I wanted a power supply that fully met the requirements of the Pi, and the heat sinks seemed like a good idea anyway. Everything you need, nothing you don't. Awesome tinker computer, beware where heatsinks go! Got this as I am new the the raspberry pi and wanted to get a kit that had all i needed.

Included items are all sturdy, and the manual is a full color manual. The only thing I had to search was where to put the heatsinks. The two heatsinks go on the two black chips on top that are the same size. There is a 3rd chip looking thing that has a raspberry logo on it. DO NOT put a heatsink on that. Solid board, solid build, solid performance Bought this to use in a new build for my daily driver PC. I'm not going to bore you with tons of specs or lengthy discussion of performance reviews.

You can easily find that online. I'll just tell you how it worked for me. I was impressed with the build quality of this board. Solid feel and every connector is placed for ease of connection. Nice thick PC board with minimal flex when screwing to standoffs or installing components. I couldn't see any issues at all on the board. Comes with all the connectors you need for a basic install and they are of good quality. Everything went solidly into place.

This is a killer mobo with tons of tweeker toys to scratch your over clocking itch. ASUS supplies some heavy duty user and over clocking utilities but no glitzy media apps. This is a serious OC board. It has two PCI 3. I highly recommend going to ASUS's website and download the pdf user manual to learn what this hotrod is capable of.

Basically AMD has the best dollar value price, performance, toughness, stability ever made! Until they went out of stock, MSI's "A88XM Gaming" motherboard was the best looking, toughest and best version and I had my lifetime highest number of sales of any line I've ever built in 33 years. Just wonderful platforms for my professionals! First I wanted to start this new Raspberry with microSD card with preloaded Raspbian "raspbian-stretch.

The Raspberry would not start. I downloaded newest Raspbian "raspbian-stretch. After flashing microCD card with that Raspbian the Raspberry started immediately. Seems to be really fast. MicroSD card is not included. No cables or power adapter included.

Just stating the facts - not complaining about that. By Richard from Chicago. This is an amazing ARM based computer. Given that I have a few 3B models, just want to focus on some obvious differences with this 3B plus model. It has 4 extra power over Ethernet pins. You could make a hole If needed. The two holes in case for the optional heat sinks do not exactly match the chip positions. The other gotcha is that you will need the latest NOOB software on the memory card, if you want to boot up.

Not an issue but worth noting. Overall it runs well and uses the same software as previous versions. Simply put, these were originally designed and manufactured to help children learn about computing design and coding, but they were instantly adopted by - well, pretty much everyone else. The newest addition to the RPi family gives you some more processing power. Let's try to fix that: The ZP D3 works just fine, and seems rock solid despite being the entry level product for this line. I don't need any fancy bells and whistles, just some RAM slots, my , and my new K.

No BIOS updating needed. For this guy who's too lazy to exhaustively find my peak overclock, and only has a HYPER Evo, that does the trick. Only upgraded because the k is finally starting to show its age on some of the games I play and with multitasking! I do not regret my choice one bit Voltages have been very low compared to what I was expecting! Runs easy, runs cool, runs smooth.

Mostly my temps stay between 25CC easy with very little variantion. Voltage seems to stick around 1. Works for me My current PC was getting old; with each generation of new software performance seemed slower - same old story since my first IBM I had not assembled a PC from parts for about 10 years so after getting up to speed on the latest bells and whistles I picked this.

Compared to that last time I did DIY the quality of the documentation is much improved. The location of the various connectors encourages neat tidy wiring. Couple new projects in the wings, doing Solar Hot Water and will be using this in conjunction with an Arduino Uno to monitor and control everything, it'll then be tasked to control another Arduino Uno for my RV alarm and out door lighting. Considering it will Bluetooth with them I'll be able to run a minimal amount of wiring to do it all and be able to control it with the Raspberry or my cell.

Technology is great ain't it! Another excellent Raspberry Pi, but not fully backward compatible with the Pi 3 B. It is very much like the Pi 3 B, but some small difference can bite you!

It does have a better wired ethernet port and better Wi-Fi. It is a little faster, although I did not notice the speed improvement. So, here are the pitfalls: Unless your are a serious hacker, you need to run Raspbian Stretch the newer version of the OS. Most people will not find that a problem, but if you wrote a custom embedded system it needs to be rebuilt under Stretch, 2 as with the newer OS you need drivers for the new ethernet devices.

Failed after 1 week Raspberry Pi in general is amazing. To have a full desktop computer for this price is amazing, although it does have major limitations. It can be very slow. Very dependent on the speed of your micro SD card. It can be confusing the various versions available. Should be a no brainer. On the negative side, turns out there is NO warranty on Raspberry Pis. Raspberry organization that makes them does not sell them to consumers. The convention in the UK is that the retailer is responsible for providing warranty.

Amazon does not provide a warranty beyond the 30 day return. Its unclear if the US distributor provides a warranty. By Critic at large. It can run my k upto 4. One click overclocking and various other features. The bios is very user friendly. A decent budget mobo for overclocking needs.

I strongly recommend this product. I've done my share of research and there's not a board at this time that offers the quality and features of this board at this price point.

Just buy it, you won't regret it. A budget Z board with some solid features. I was a little skeptical after seeing some reviews, but it works flawlessly. It has some cons though. It's difficult to connect front panel IO without the manual. I'll definitely be replacing that thermal pad in the very near future.

I'll be updating this after I have replaced the thermal pads with fujipoly extreme xr-m pads] -The bios is difficult to navigate without a mouse. I'm old school, so I'm used to a keyboard only bios. Basically you have the choice of one NVME drive, or a single optane module. For now, it's working great. This is a great motherboard, easy to use and setup was straight-forward This is a great motherboard, easy to use and setup was straight-forward.

I have actually used this exact motherboard for two new builds, one using Windows 10 bit and one using Windows 7 Home Premium bit. It was easy to install in both cases, everything on both operating systems set up well and I found all of the drivers that I needed. Gigabyte makes it easy to figure out the front panel header on the board with color-coded plugs on the board itself. Can't really ask for more, other than for someone to do the work for me.

My second ever pc build and it worked great. I'm not sure what all this fuss is about with the negative reviews but I figure ill write one as a beginner pc builder. I've built 2 pc's over the past week one for myself and one for my friend. This board works fine for me because Looked into what I was getting.

Please, if your going to build a pc do your research. The companies manufacturing these don't need negative reviews due to customer error. Worked great with the AMD A cpu. No issue to date. I failed to note there are I failed to note there are no USB 3 connectors on the motherboard itself.

Only two USB 3 ports on the rear of the board. The case I bought to use this in has USB 3 ports on the front, and I couldn't wire them into the motherboard. Finally got an adapter that let them plug into the USB 2 connectors on the board.

The computer's working well. Just be aware of the specs for the case you're putting this into. I only had it for a few days in use but it works just fine. The only issue is the drivers are windows I ordered this to upgrade my Asus CM which has the almost identical motherboard and it's worked flawlessly for years.

I had to upgrade my board and cpu because of a bottleneck playing cpu optimized games. The only issue is the drivers are windows 7. It works fine with windows 10 but the drawback is if you did the free windows upgrade to windows 10 you cannot just go into windows 10 settings and expect a clean boot with expecting any activation issues. You need to do a fresh install with your OEM windows 7 which you should do to wipe out existing drivers and reinstall them with the cd and then do the upgrade to 10 and it will activate correctly without conflicting driver issues.

Good for basic systems. See the bottom for an overall summary: This board is solid for the price of you plan on building an extreme budget system.

Good mother board for basic systems, if you want a truly satisfying experience with a higher end rig I would honestly recommend you spend a bit more. I installed this motherboard, fired it up, posted great then froze on the American Megatrends page. The board read everything was fine, I pressed F1 as it stated. Restarted several times, tried going strait to bios using delete key or F2. Called Asus tech support was not helpful and told me to return to Amazon.

I then spent a few hours on the interwebs, discovered one person with the same problem. He stated he had a Logitech keyboard, switched it out and magically worked. I have a Logitech G, so I brought a cheap keyboard home from work, tried it and worked. May not happen on all motherboards or to all persons with Logitech keyboards, but if it does, swap the keyboard out and give it a shot.

Excellent I love this motherboard and the more I get to know it the more I love it. The first thing I noticed was that this is a strong board. I only build every 5 or six years so this may be the norm now, but whereas in the past I always worried that the board would break when I pushed in memory or a graphics card this board barely flexed.

The next thing I noticed was that everything fan headers, usb headers, etc. The third thing I noticed was that when I fired it up for the first time everything worked - which is always nice.

I'm not big on overclocking. I usually OC just a bit because, what the heck, why not get a little extra? Well the Dual Intelligent Processors 5 program on this thing blew me away. Avoid Purchased many Asus products in the past. Until now I've been satisfied.

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

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