How to set up a Chromecast

Step Two: Connect to Your Chromecast

How to cast: A quick start guide
The password will populate in the password field. First, unpack your Chromecast, plug it in, and wait for it to power up. Android L and above is required to auto fetch the password. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. The Apple Watch Series 4 gets smart about heart rate.

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Set up your Chromecast device

I pointed it to the address listed on my TV also inscribed on the inside of the Chromecast box: Once here, I was prompted to download a small Chromecast setup application. Initially the app is used to locate and identify any nearby Chromecasts. You can tell yours apart using the name and unique four-digit ID shown on your TV screen. Finally, you'll arrive at a step for selecting your Wi-Fi network.

This step is critical, because for the Chromecast to work it needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the devices you want to use it with. Select your network from the drop-down list, type in any required passwords or let the software pull one over from your password keychain, and if you're feeling saucy, give your Chromecast a personalized name. But you're not out of the woods yet.

In order to use one of the most coveted of the Chromecast's features -- the ability to push any Web content to your TV -- you'll need to take one extra step and install the Google Cast Chrome extension.

Doing so gives you a nifty little button in the upper-right corner of your browser that will toss the currently displayed tab over to your TV, giving you access to the wide world of streaming-video services. Things get a little confusing with services such as YouTube and Netflix, where a separate Chromecast button is provided directly on the video player, which automatically kicks content over at full screen.

This is the typical usage scenario, so it makes sense, but if you really are dying to see the video displayed exactly as it is on your computer screen comments and all you can opt to use the Chromecast button in the corner of your browser instead of the one shown on the video player. Using the Chromecast with mobile devices is another story. As yet, there is no way I can find to send over mobile Chrome browser pages to the Chromecast I trust the Internet will correct me if I'm wrong.

Support for Pandora is expected soon. The upside to this app-specific implementation of the Chromecast is that the screen of your mobile device is transformed into a remote control, allowing you to play, pause, skip, or scrub through the content on your screen. In this mode, volume adjustments made to your device will be reflected in the volume of the content displayed on your TV.

Tips and tricks Finally, a few tips and tricks I learned along the way. When using the Chrome browser on your computer to send content to the Chromecast, you have a few extra settings that you can mess with. Press the Chromecast button in the top-right corner of your browser, select Options, and the following list of settings will pop up. And though I hope that you never have reason to use it, there is a way to perform a factory reset on the Chromecast.

Since I had to re-create the process for first-time setup multiple times, here's a trick I found for starting from scratch. While the device is powered on and plugged into your TV, hold the button down for at least 25 seconds until the indicator light starts flashing. We often hear that users have issues with their router settings when they first set up Chromecast. Get an answer from an expert on the Chromecast Help Forum.

Help Center Contact us Chromecast. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Chromecast Help forum Forum Contact us. Set up your Chromecast device The Google Home app will walk you through the steps to set up your Chromecast device. What you need to get started A Chromecast device. Latest version of the Google Home app. Access to a secure wireless network. Make sure you have the wireless network password handy.

Install the Google Home app by navigating to g. Open the Google Home app by tapping the app icon on your Android device. Choose which Google Account you want to link to Chromecast. Location access - Location access is needed to find nearby devices that need setup. Scanning for Chromecast devices: The Google Home app scans for nearby devices that are plugged in and ready to set up. If you only have one device that needs to be set up, tap Next.

If one device is found, tap Next. If multiple devices are found, choose the device you want to set up Next.

Connecting to your new device: The app will now connect your phone to your new Chromecast so that you can configure it. Help improve your device: Otherwise, tap No Thanks. Here's more about what data is shared when you choose this setting. You may need to set your region.

Step 1: Plug in your Chromecast device

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