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Weather conditions were clear, with a wind of MPH. The wind was gusty, and could have contributed to the accident. Manx was an internationally famous air show pilot. He was a vetaran of the R. He had about flying hours, in all types of aircraft, both propeller driven and jet.

He was a Pitts dealer in England, and used Pitts aircraft on his airshow teams. Manx was a highly skilled pilot, and a tremendously fine person. He was talented as an artist and musician, as well as in the field of Aviation.

He was modest and friendly at all times, and with a most engaging personality. He is sorely missed, by all who knew him. He leaves a brother, a wife, and five children in England. However he let Bill Loverseed lead that until a falling out, and then he was involved with flight testing the Starduster and Akroduster 2 for Stolp, in Florida. A couple of Rothmans operators that don't ever seem to get a mention these days were the 2 managers, Jim "the Prim" Primrose,and Meteor exponent extraordinaire, and Javelin driver Pete Woodams.

I did quite a lot of experimentation with both these two in YIJ, after Mike Findlay nearly blew his eyeballs out when trying a triple flick in the S1 XNZ, so they were the only ones available. I think it is now legend how he recovered back to Booker with light grey above and dark grey below, trying to keep himself erect, as that was all he could get his brain to recognise. Going back to Manx's accident, I think it was in James Gilbert's fine "Pilot" Magasine that there was a very prophetic comment from Manx on flying the Akroduster, only a few months or even weeks before the crash.

The Rothmans Team was one of the best ever tight formation Teams, and it is a great shame there are no formal Archive Film of them available? The fact they were a Rothmans sponsored Team, meant the TV Air Displays Coverage never were able to show them, yet they participated from 69 onwards at virtually every show except in the gap years, when only Marcus's Vixen2 and Bob's Jubilee Duo were doing it,until the 80s.

Flying Officer Keyser Appears: Hr Gunter Kipp Appears: Squadron Leader Neil Kirk Appears: Hauptman Heinz Knoke Appears: See last address below. Entry from Kracker Luftwaffe Pilot Archive: Born 24Mar21 in Hameln. All victories in the West. He wore the Croatian Pilot wings also. He joined the "circle of four-engine bomber slayers: He tried the new idea of dropping a timed-fuse bomb into the middle of a B "box". His 20th victory, a B at Wagenfeld-Sulingen on 10Feb Opposed the 6Mar44 Berlin Raid, and the Schweinfurt Raid, but crashed at an airfield near Bonn after his left wing spar was severely damaged by B return fire.

His mechanic was Ogefr Arndt. His 25th victory, a P at the Waggum airfield on 29Apr Alt incorrect spelling; Knocke. His flying career ended with a car crash on 9Oct44 which nearly caused him to lose a leg. Mike Wilson says there is a plaque in memory in one of the local churches.

Lindemannallee 15, Hannover, Germany. Son born 2 sons ; daughter 1 son ; son 2 sons. Operation Grapple Britain's hydrogen bomb trials Christmas Island. I was the IRE who checked that 76 Sqn pilots could recover from unusual positions when sampling turbulent mushroom cloud.

Landing in an atom bomber on HMS Victorious! Inventing computer controlled harvest prediction programme for pea crops alas not allowed to patent it.

No Sqn and No 93 Squadron pilot. Chris Stone and Jeff Jeffreys both believe this is true but no solid evidence so far. Gordon Talbot supplied more detail.

Drummer in Station Jazz band. His son C Lambden tells us that Tony gave up jazz after the 60s and got into photography instead. Some members might be interested to know there is a blog starting about his photographic activities at www.

Wg Cdr Joe Cardel tells us: Jever during the early 's. He was noted for his efforts in acquiring hard to find parts for his beloved FE aircraft, from the U. A few light hearted cheers and a lot of hissing from the 93 Pilots went on when the results were shown. This was due to the use of far superior aircraft and equipment flown by the U.

After leaving the R. Tony Lambden worked as an actor and a jazz musician. He acted in many B. Who, The Avengers, Several comedy shows. At 75 years of age, Tony Lambden has flown to the big jazz concert in the sky.

A memorial meeting was held at a Mayfair night club recently, to celebrate his life in the jazz and entertainment professions. I unfortunately could not attend, but understand that it was a packed house of celeb's and dignitaries for a very popular gentleman. Was an instructor on Canberra OCU. Killed when Pilatus Turbo-Porter he was flying in crashed in Libya.

Daughter Sarah Higgins contacted us 26Apr Pete's wife lives in Sevenoaks and Sarah lives in Chatham. She has kindly offered copies of his photographs and memorabilia. I will be contacting them both in due course. In the meantime, Sarah would love to hear from anyone who has memories of her father.

Think he was on 4 Sqn time. Tony Leedham Also Lee professionally Appears: Jazz2, Jazz4, Jazzcvr, piano, jazz Pianist in Station Jazz band. Made recordings for Koln BFN. Trevor Pailing, a friend at Jever, found a very interesting article about Tony who sadly died of cancer in March on eastlondonhistory.

Apparently he became quite a professional at Ronnie Scott's, his service in the RAF as a driver is mentioned, he also recorded with Dizzy Gillespie. As a jazz pianist he was known as Tony Lee my wife and I used to go to many of his performances in Pubs and clubs as we could all over the country, sadly he passed away back in Nov Had a bad accident and was in hospital for one year before moving to Sqn. Flying Officer Duncan Macrae Appears: His target barges between Zwolle and Deventer exploded destroying his Mustang.

Tony Vasey had a Ford Prefect. Would be worth a fortune today. I met Ian by chance in Newcastle one lunch hour. Squadron Leader Maffet Retd Appears: Mike Fleet reports 31Mar Lloyd also competed for 2TAF with distinction. As a multi event man he was the mainstay of the station team. He loved the diversity of the sport, happily trying his hand at everything up to m, and all field event apart from the hammer throw, while Frank shone over m and m.

Lloyd's pole vault record of 3. Lt Gilbert Mapplebeck, who was to become one of the leading lights of 4 Sqn during the early part of the Great War.

Mapplebeck was nineteen years old when he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Special Reserve of Officers in After being commissioned as a full time officer in the Liverpool Regiment, he was posted to the CFS at Upavon, where he got his hands on a visiting 4 Sqn Farman.

He promptly crashed this aircraft, but was fortunately uninjured. Corporal Ronnie Margerison Appears: My father died about ten years ago. His name was Ronnie Margerison. He was a corporal, I believe he did try to advance himself but never quite made it. I was eleven or maybe nearly twelve when we had the posting to Jever. I know that one address we stayed at was on Shumakerstrasse I think it was fourteen but I admit I am unsure. My mother who sadly is also dead, she died at thirty six in Newark where we settled.

My father never had another posting as I got married and couldn't accompany him and my siblings thank god. Anyway, my mother left my father a couple of times whilst we were at Jever so we had two address's and I am afraid that the cobwebs of time have deleted the other address from my memory. I didn't go to Prince Rupert's boarding school, home life being as it was I was needed to be at home.

So nearly all of my secondary education untill the age of fourteen anyway and I left school at fifteen was in a primary school. Never the less I managed to become a staff nurse so I didnt fair so bad. I do remember a teacher named Miss Hedges who was so lovely, I do hope she had a good life. I would dearly love to go back to Jever, I expect its not at all like I remember it, with its great woods and skating on the roads in the winter.

I know we were friends with a family that lived across the road from us, a German family not in the air force. They were named Fricke, and had two young boys about our ages, I had one other sister then and a brother. One was named Francis, he was disabled, Cerebral Palsy but got around great the other named Deter, the german children not my brother and sister. Father John Marquis Retd Appears: From Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov 04 Drank pink gin with small white onions and stopped when onions butted his nose.

No drinking after midnight Saturday. Had a crash whilst on UK leave and ended up being nursed by the Nuns in a Nunnery. Tim was the last pilot to shoot down 2 Egyptian fighters in He also flew in Korea with Buzz Aldrin. Cranwell 63 Entry Dec Dick's first official flight in his RAF career was in January in a Chipmunk trainer, although his log books show he had already flown over 50 hours with Squadron, the Air Training Corps, as a passenger, by this time.

At the end of his 3 year training, Dick graduated as a Senior Flight Cadet on the 14th December Flying the Canadian built F86 Sabre Jet with JG71 Richthofen Wing at Alhorn, Dick found he was providing fighter tactics advice to none other than Erich Hartmann the highest scoring fighter ace of all time over kills!

He and Hartmann, being of like mind, became good friends during this time. Later in this tour, Dick ejected from an F86 following an engine fire at altitude. Luckily he was unhurt!

Dick and new wife Dorothy , returned to the UK in to a Fighter Development post flying Hunter, Lightning and Javelin fighters for a short while before his fluency in French as well as German led to him being selected to attend the French Test Pilots School at Istres in Provence, the first English pilot to do so. He also managed to demonstrate many vintage aircraft of the Shuttleworth Collection - Here he specialised, as ever, in fighters - SE5a, Bristol Fighter, etc.

In , Dick was posted to a ground tour. This was not much to his liking and so in November he left the RAF, having amassed over 6, hours flying time, mainly in jet fighters and experimental aircraft. For a while, he was employed as an accident investigator with British Airways and he acted as technical advisor for the TV series 'Airline'.

On the 15th April Dick flew his last official flight. Sadly, an engine failure on take off led to a nasty crash which destroyed the light aircraft he was flying and broke both his legs. Whilst in hospital recovering, he developed diabetes and this brought a premature end to his flying. By this time Dick had more than 11, hours as a pilot in over different aircraft types, including Fighters, Bombers, Experimentals, Airliners, Freighters, Hovercraft, Airships and Helicopters.

After such a fantastic career in aviation, he took up a second one in event coordination and management. He approached this with the same enthusiasm as he did his flying and continued in this profession until his untimely and unexpected death in He and Dorothy were on holiday bird watching in Cornwall. Despite 20 minites of mouth to mouth, CPR etc the staff failed to revive him. He was aged only Wally Milne Retd Appears: Wanted to hear from anyone on Sqn.

Duxford Wing for Battle of Britain. Founder member of Sqn Assoc. Roy writes in After a short period of two or three months training new squadron pilots on basics of battle flight and so on I was posted on to Sylt when the unit was disbanded. I then ran a flight for two months as a target-tower on Meteor 8's.

As a result he lost the medical category needed for a captaincy, and retired as a very senior Senior First Officer. He returned to UK and was killed possibly at Little Rissington soon after reputedly pulling the wings off a Piston Provost.

Colin Cummings book Category Five records: During an aerobatic sortie the student pulled out of the dive very harshly and the instructor; Flight Lieutenant J W Thompson, blacked out. On recovering, the aircraft was diving steeply and the student said he could get no response from the controls.

The instructor ordered the aircraft to be abandoned, at which point the starboard wing failed and the aircraft began to spin rapidly. The instructor abandoned the aircraft with some difficulty but despite releasing his harness and deploying his parachute, the student remained in the aircraft.

His duties are described as "Supervises the carrying out of clerical and administrative procedures in use in general offices, orderly rooms and registries at unit level, including day-to-day personnel administration, routine organisation work, elementary typing, stenciling and duplicating.

Also employed on trade testing duties. I remember my friends from that time were Kai Edwards sadly died two years ago and his sister Anne who I am in touch with , Michael Ahern, David Roberts, Derek Grover son of Flight Lieutenant Grover and also, I think it was 'David' Plumtree I think his father was pretty high up in the ranks, as I remember going to their quarters which was actually on the Jever base.

When I told my father I had been to the Plumtree's quarter, I think he was mortified that I had been playing with the son of someone of much higher rank and I think he made contact with him just to check that it was OK.

The answer came back that it was absolutely fine, so we carried on playing together. I wonder what David is doing now. I remember the primary school very well and Mr Watson the headmaster. I have copies of all my school reports and my teachers were, Mrs Gardner and Miss Hedges in and John Roberts in I vaguely recall doing science experiments with him, which I found fascinating.

I also have memories of going to the children's Saturday matinee's at the cinema on base and also collecting the daily English newspapers for dad in the evening from, I think it must have been the Corporals Mess I may have that wrong [Web master: I think it was probably the Malcolm Club. The young squaddies were playing the juke box with the latest records of the day and quite often used to treat us kids to a game on the football machine - a little different from today's pub games!

I can even tell you a story about the little railway that ran into the base, just behind the cinema somewhere, but will have to leave that for another time. Harry Moss Retd Appears: About eight years ago I was surprised to hear Harry Moss on Radio Newcastle giving the weather forecast. I contacted him there, but he died before we could meet. Office at RAF Jever in Harry was a civilian met.

He was married, Betty I think, but they had no children. My memory of him at that time is that he was 30 to 35 years old.

He never spoke of any wartime experiences. I spoke to him when he was at the Newcastle Weather Centre. This was about to My wife's memory is better than mine!

Assuming that the Civil Service retirement age was 60, then 'your Harry' would have retired in His son Nick Noel-Smith writes that after 4 Sqn: Hunter 6 XG No. Podge Page, Married 4Sep55 from Jever. Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland. Michael his grandson writes: Parkes , a member of your site may know or have worked with him. I do know that he recieved a commendation regarding this work due to the speed at which this work was undertaken by him and his team whillst under his command. Ernie Pavelin Retd Appears: I think I was at Jever for around 2 years before returning to the UK for demob.

Mike his son says "Dad passed away suddenly in the early hours of Thursday, 26th of March at Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being taken ill at his home in Gayton. He had recently been diagnosed with cancer. The funeral is tomorrow, Monday 6th April at Ex 16 Sqn, Celle. Squadron Leader Tony Payne Retd. Ex 98 Sqn , Canberras.

Contributed 98 Badges, Pin and Tie. Test Pilot for Britten-Norman Islander. He went on to C. From he was on the flying staff at C. Aerobatics representative on Vampires and took part in many R. During the time he was with No. During the same year he entered the "Lockheed Trophy Competition" again flying a Tiger Moth, and was again outclassed by the Continental machines.

The Tiger Club then purchased a "Stampe", which has been fitted with an inverted flying fuel system. Peter Phillips will again be flying this aircraft in our Display. Since leaving the R. Norman Plowright Retd Appears: Let, friend , AGM From letter to David Watkins: Enlisted outbreak of War, commissioned in Battle of Britain.

Director Joint Planning Staff. Flew into high ground in cloud at Ashcott Farm, near Exford, 6m S of Porlock, Somerset, during weather check, killing pilot.

Sister Katherine Dover-Powell e-mail: Charlie Powell Early or Did not return from early morning weather check Chivenor. Katherine Dover, his Sister, wrote: It is a Kodak brownie camera 8ml film Koda crome 2 for daylight. It came in a leather case and he would take it apart for me to show me how it worked. I'm not sure how long he was in Germany but he was there until July when he came to Chivenor to go on Hunters which he was thrilled about.

Obviously there still had Vampires there then. I know he was also instructing at the gliding club there. I think he was in Germany from Fasberg and Jever. I know he got his wings in Durban which I understand was the norm then. Honorary Member 93 Sqn. Is mentioned in Battle of Britain books. Big strong hands fearsome at arm wrestling and schooner races.

On rare occasions came to fly with 93 a pilot was detailed to go with him to start the Sabre. He would not turn finals to land until he had completed his down wind call - he would by then be on his way to Bremen and ATC would give him steers to get him back to base.

A good and well liked Station Boss. Ken Senar told me 8Apr05 that "Grp. Powel-Shedden, 'Fo-Fo', died late in I have a copy. It was he who gave me the nickname 'Pod' in the bar on the night of my arrival at Jever. The Russian monitoring stations must have wondered what was going on! Very well liked Station Boss. Extract from "Who's Who " by WebMaster not provided by the subject. Goodwood Estate, ; Man. Dir, Goodwood Terrena, Al Ramsay 93 sqn. Spelt with an A from Air Force List.

Having watched their 28 crates off loaded rather roughly and carried into the Customs shed, Alan dressed very smartly in his best suit smiled at the Senior Customs officer and handed him an envelope. With out delay, the crates were stamped and cleared, and Danny questioned whether he had bribed the Customs man.

Alan was devoted to helping the air cadets and the volunteer staff, and he was extremely well liked and respected. Not long after his 2nd retirement, Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer followed by an inoperable tumour on the spine. He bore his painful illness with great fortitude and his usual good humour even when he had lost the use of his legs. When he wrote to Danny shortly before his death, he said "I can't remember the last time I was legless"! We have lost one of the world's great gentleman, and many will remember him with great affection.

Bruno, wgdec55, Jan56, 98sqn56, Feb56, pty56, bowumb98, wedpete, Mar56, crickcup56, Derby56, Derbypressep56, Derbyplaqsep56, Derbycutep56, Derbyptysep56, pltsep56, self, Event57, crashsylt, crashsylt, swift, Nov57, Dec57, Mssiah jan58,.

Click to see F report. Vv which arrived on the Squadron on 13Mar53 and had an engine failure caused by a fractured impeller blade on Wed 9Dec The pilot, Ken Richardson, rolled inverted and pushed himself clear 1m N of Lamden. He had a theory about x kts. And y feet for a pull through which he had discussed with me the previous night as we were bedding down, I said bullshit but Ken had 'worked it out mathematically'. We were sharing a room at Sylt.

So were dog fighting and tailchasing. I saw what he was up to and called him air brakes but I reckon he'd blacked out by then and felt nothing as he hit the water. I had in excess of 8g on the clock and my engine was groaning as were my guts. Ginger Friend and I sorted his gear. Brian Watson took his ashes home when he went on leave.

I was stooging around at the time, waiting for my turn to fire on the flag when his Sabre plummeted vertically past me straight into the shallow waters inland of the island and just south of the Hindenburg Damm. I understand that I wasn't the only one to see what happened. Next day, on overflying the area, the ASR launch was anchored near a visible hole in the shallow sea bed, and a small oil slick was present. Larry Milberry's book states that Ken was in a tail chase and was flying XB The date quoted is October 8th Henry Richardson Retd Appears: On 4Mar13 his son Nick wrote: One story I do remember is that he had a "lucky" escape when he was sick and not on duty when there was a major raid on the airfield, where his replacement was killed.

I think he said that the raid included the ME , which was the later jet bomber - I was wondering if the surprise attack mentioned in the squadron history was the same attack. From Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov Unable to produce a son - after 4 girls Edna said enough. Doug Adamson knew him. Bill Ritchie Late Nov His son Christopher Ritchie chrisr chandlersoil. He was officer in charge - E. Do you have any dates or info? Built runway extension and Brockzetel.

Sanderson, Peter 98 Sqn. To Jever from Fassburg with Sqn. Went on to become A1 trapper CFS. I first came across Peter at Valley just completing his AFS training when we were sent to Valley on our return from the States to be shown clouds. Discovered he had be at Cranwell as a boy entrant and that he also came from Scunthorpe.

The next time we were together was when Sqn arrived at Jever when the Sqn transferred from Fassberg. He was married to Barbara, an ex Scunthorpe gall but being under 25 he did not qualify for a quarter, we let him share with us for a while, this was also the time that John Sutton and his first wife Cherry were staying with us, we all had a great time. After Jever he went to CFS and instructing and became an A1 and for some time he was on the Examining Wing which I believe included visiting all the flying clubs both in the UK and across the old Empire.

Then as Flt Cdr of my old Sqn No. Al Colvin was there as one of the wheels and Sid Hughes was the top man. His blood preasure gave him trouble and he came home after about two years and got into Weapons and Missiles with whoever it was that operated near Fleet in Hampshire until he finally retired. They moved back to the Scunthorpe area and lived at Winterton. Peter had a bad heart attack while on holiday in the USA and was not too good after that and moved down to Devon to be near their Doctor Daughter, some time latter had a bad stroke and died a few years after.

As No 4 in 93 Sqn formation aeros team, "Sandie" was flying low after a bomb burst over a Spangdahlen USAF base in Germany, so that he could advise on the progress of the join up from a lower angle. He misjudged it and was killed when he flew into rising ground. She returned to his home in Bulawayo and has re-married 21May Flew Brian Iles' Miles M. Rhodesia and back July The aircraft was one of the squadron aerobatic team and after completing the bomb burst manoeurvre, it rolled off the top and recovered from the ensuing dive.

However, the aircraft then made a straight shallow dive across the airfield and struck the ground. It seemed probable that the pilot was distracted by conflicting requirements including the need to achieve a synchronised rejoin of formation and he did not realise how close he was to the gound.

Not in Air Force List Jan54? Eric Pigdon Notes 23Nov04 Believed still alive. Ken Senar knows him and visited him last year We met occasionally and remember well the occasion he was at home and I showed him, on film, drinking a bottle of Coke one hot sunny summer's afternoon during the RAF Jever Sailing Club Regatta in Wilhelmshaven harbour.

Robin likes a bottle of Jever Pils. If I can get some more I'll take him another bottle. Maybe you might phone him, but beware of his speech difficulties. Ken Senar told me of his death 2 years ago 25Apr Ken Saw Retd Appears: Killed at Fassberg when attempting to land just as his Venom's controls burnt through due to a belly fire. Click to see story of fires. Confirmed date in John Severne's book. Killed when 1 slat on Sabre 4 Xb came out when pulling out from air to ground at Meppen range.

Eric Pigdon gave details of his death 21Nov4 and 8Dec Ken Senar may know more. Only Sabre fatality on 93 Sqn. Kemball, RN Retd ; three d. ADC to the Queen, Air Cdre, No 3 Co.

Highest scorer at Sylt Jan Eric Pigdon notes 23Nov Keen photographer produced many of the Squadron Photograhs. Believed retired from there. To 93 in Jul Coll of Air Warfare Manby Dec Led Macaws aeros team Bill's son Bill wrote on 21Nov My father was Sgt Bill Simmons in the instrument section of 4 Squadron. We lived in married quarters off camp and I went to the base school. Dad passed away, aged 93, earlier this year and I have found 15 slides of Hunters at Jever, plus a lot of slides of my family including me and my little sister in Jever town.

I remember travelling from Harwich by ship so I was interested to see the photos of the ship on your website. I remember one story which is not mentioned on your site [ ED: Click to see here.

Thanks for an interesting site. We went for a few months to Blackpool Dad was at transit camp in Lytham , then a few weeks later to Leeming. I took Dad on a visit back to Jever in the 70's and we were told again the story about the town fire brigade then, I suppose its not surprising that its not mentioned in the report you have.

COs, 4stpres1, 4stpres2, 4stpres5, 4stpres7, 4stpres8, stlunch,. Faith, his wife, tells us: You can see more about him at www. Al has certainly talked about 'Lofty' with fond memories and has shown me photos. He was tickled pink to find the website and have contact with you; the war years and his national service have been important memories for him recently. Al and I loved each other deeply - and still do - and were totally happy together.

It was only 12 years but seems a very intense time when we had a lot of adventures and stunning experiences and never stopped appreciating our good fortune and happiness. He died peacefully and beautifully with no unfinished business in our local hospice; his funeral was full of love and celebration, helped by a local jazz band. Attended 11 different schools - as we moved around the UK trying to dodge the blitz.

Started work at 15 in a print shop in Stepney Green, then a couple of abortive months with a West End hairdressing salon. After this, I worked in a photographic darkroom printing snapshots for the customers of local chemist shops. This took me up to National Service. RAF at Hednesford for squarebashing basic training , St Athan in Wales for trade training as an airframe mechanic and then over to Germany for the remainder of my two years service.

After National Service squarebashing at Hednesford I finished up as an airframe mech on 93 squadron's Vampires via trade training at St Athan. After being inspired by leave-time visits to London jazz clubs, I crept up into the loft of the Jever barrack block to teach myself trumpet. That accommodation was very well built and quite sound-proofed because not too many fellow airmen investigated to complain about the painful noises.

He had been deferred while serving his apprenticeship with De-Havilland. He also played the organ at church parade. I remember that Lofty was a bit of a liability because of his habit of sliding off of his 'pads' and scouring the polished floor.

Not good news when the bull-night inspection was imminent! Now retired of course and living in Kent. I'd be delighted to hear from anyone how remembers me. In the meantime, take a look at my blog http: We became quite friendly during an all-ranks occasion at the Malcolm Club when the booze had broken the ice and I was complaining about being shaken around by the vibration on those occasions when I needed to stand with my back blocking the jet intake to assist starting. There was also some hilarity over my service number, which was the unusual one of From then on he always referred to me as '54'.

I only have hearsay about the cause his demise, but at the time it was said that during rocket firing practice 'R' Roger was nudged by a second 93 Squadron vampire which returned safely to Jever. I took part in the funeral parade location forgotten where the Regiment provided the rifle salute party.

My most vivid memory was of Mr Spearman's sobbing fiance being comforted by family members. On demob I worked for WHSmith, managing railway station bookstalls until I got the job with the Daily Express as a circulation representative. Married in the s. Two children and three grandchildren. Came to live on the Greek island of Kalymnos to start a new life with my then partner Faith.

We married in Born Invercargill, New Zealand 21May Crashed in Vampire WA near Soltau during some practice cine-gun attacks. After passing out we were both posted to RAF Pembrey and had adjacent rooms.

On leaving Pembrey for embarkation leave, and subsequently meeting up again when boarding the troop train at Liverpool Street Station we found that he was going to Fassberg and I to Jever. We never met again. When I was at Jever I met someone from Fassberg and enquired about John and was quite casually told "Oh, he bought it just before Christmas.

His wife had come over for Christmas and was terribly distressed". Sabre Xb exploded after severe fuel leak into engine compressor. Aircraft went into a dive, cleared a row of houses, then crashed one mile east of Heerlen, Netherlands killing the pilot. Commanding Officer 98 Sqn. In 93 Sqn Vampire Fb.

Pilot baled out but was killed when his parachute failed to open. The other pilot Fg Off Bob Hannah baled out successfully. Photo submitted by son and daughetr Barbara and Michael Spencer: Officer Commanding 4 Sqn.

Crashed into a wood in Vampire FB5 in Germany. Click to see aircraft details. Cranwell 58 Entry Apr Funeral in Hamburg Sat 2Jan From Ron Gray's Notes 21Mar06; " Brian Watson came to 4 Sqn with another Cranwell graduate, Derek Stacey, who was only with us a few short weeks when he crashed into a wood, believed to be flying his Vampire under a Cumulo-Nimbus on a low level X-cty". Ian died rather unexpectedly at age 77, after making an initially promising recovery from major heart surgery at the London Heart Hospital, where both he and Sheila were impressed with the quality of care they had during his stay.

Ian had been up and about, gently walking around at home for almost ten days - quite a tragic reverse for Sheila, after they had both felt Ian was over the worst and on the way back to a full recovery. Recent news of Bunny 21Apr Personally, I am well, have a good pulse and take an active interest in aviation matters - from reading the mags and doing some flight sim to popping over to Bruntingthorpe when they fire-up their two Lightnings. I also have an amazing kid brother who gained his Wings in Canada in the early 50's and, though now a Rev and shortly to celebrate his 75th birthday, still flies Cessnas out of Manston and, if the medics allow, plans to renew in May his annual ticket and IMC rating!!

He keeps me up-to-date on ILS and such-like civil matters. So, though Bucks is hardly jumping and grandchildren are getting more expensive by the day, life is pretty good. Paul was the eldest son of my mother's only brother: Paul's older sister Dolly, who has passed away, has a son: Paul Blaupot ten Cate. He is retired and lives in Belgium.

May Paul and all the RAF heroes rest in peace. Hans Vles, Middelburg, Holland. Joe Parker 93 Sqn. Practice attack v Army vehicles hit ground southwest of Dollerup, Germany. CO 98Sqn pilot Fassberg. Queen Elizabeth's Grammar Sch. Les Swart 4 Sqn Late Read or heard he was involved with Sqn. Black Arrows aerobatic team. Don't know why we called him 'Speed'. Trained in Canada, he flew Sabres and Hunters of No. On 17Apr15 Jeff Myers wrote: We had met Leslie a couple times when he was in California many years ago.

She always talked about how proud she was of her brother as I believe he might of been a Commander. Jeff Myers, , jeff jeffcoelectric. Hon Mem 93Sqn 16Jun Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov.

Very well liked on Sqn. Killed in BA mid-air collision over Zagreb. Click to see full report. On 20Mar17 James Tann, Denis's grandson, wrote: More specifically, regarding my grandfather Dennis Tann. I see its possible to add contact information to a past members profile.

If possible I would like to do so please. I would very much like to learn more about my grandfathers time in the RAF and talk to anyone who may have known him. He was unfortunately killed before I was born, so I don't know very much about his past.

I believe this is Taff Taylor but I have never came across any comment at any time that he had died. Tommy gave these dates by tel 20Sep 10Mar Bruno, Nov55, qtrnov55, wgdec55, dinoutdec55, dep, jan56, Mar56, 98sqn56, pltsep56, self. Equeryy to Prince Philip. Flew DHs for Yemen until heart attack in Simulator instructor at Kidlington. Group Captain David Toon.

Waterside, 3Ridge Hill, Dartmouth,Devon. The pilot was carrying out individual aerobatics at feet but after about 30 minutes he 'attacked' another Vampire. His aircraft became inverted at low level and in trying to recover the aircraft struck some trees and broke up. A child; Frauline Hiedi Menz aged 9 was injured but both the pilot and another child were killed. From Jever Stn Flt.

Brian Watson 4 sqn pilot ? The Flt Cdr 93 Sqn. Was killed in Helicopter Belvedere crash ? He was of 4 Sqn and had been through Cranwell and had a PC. He taught me a lot during the handover before leaving me to the mercy of 'Hammer' West, with whom I got on reasonably well. Brian Watson's death from your excellent site. I have frequently wondered how far he climbed the promotion ladder. Brian and I spent much time on the Jever tennis courts and he formed the Station Tennis team.

Brian came to 4 Sqn with another Cranwell graduate, Derek Stacey, who was only with us a few short weeks when he crashed into a wood, believed to be flying his Vampire under a Cumulo-Nimbus on a low level X-cty". On 4May12 son Ed said: Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact dates or house number.

I think it was 36 but cannot be sure. My father was a flight engineer. In the war he flew the Halifax, Wellington and lastly the Liberator. He then flew in the Berlin Airlift.

His aircraft was the Hastings followed by the Hercules. He died in South Africa near Durban in His final posting was RAF Colerne, leaving around before moving into commercial flying. Officer Commanding No Wing. Honorary member 93 and Patron JSL. Bull Terrier "Pinto" always with him. Became head of Royal Malaysian Air Force. Presumed lost in the North Sea. Pat Tindall Whitelaw Retd Appears: Many years on Vulcans. Was out of favour for setting fire to the runway after selecting undercarriage up because of brake failure.

Lived in Thetford area and Sylvia still there. At the end of the course we were given 7 or 10 days leave prior to being posted to the RAF in Germany, Pat had a lift in my car to Stanford where he was due to be married to Sylvia during his leave, I dropped him off with Sylvia who I recall lived in Ironmonger Street. At the end if our leave, 13 October we had to report to the Transport Officer at Liverpool Street Station were we were give tickets and orders to travel to Harwich and catch that evenings Military Boat Probably the Parkstone to the Hook of Holland, we were accommodated in a large room in the hold with about 40 other junior officers, all sleaping on bonk beds.

On docking at about 7 am we all queued up to get our posting notices from the movements officer, there were comments from those in front of us as to the Squadron and RAF Station that they were going to, it really did not mean much to us.

At our turn we got the news that we were going to 93 Squadron at RAF Jever and that we would be on the Blue train, to get off this Military Train at Oldenburg and catch a local train to Varrel. We then checked with the others and found we were the only ones going to Jever and as far as I can remember the only ones from our party on the Blue train there were three or four military trains which departed across Germany each morning with military personnel on postings and returning from UK leave.

Our Blue train was the one that routed to to north of Germany towards Bremen and points east of there, we were in the first class section of the train with a dinning car where we were served Breakfast, Lunch and Tea and to our surprise this included wine or beer. At Oldenburg we were on our own, find the train and platform for Varrel on what was a dark, stark Railway Station, it was about 9 pm when we got off the local train at Varrel, the platform was in darkness and the only light showing was from the Station Cafe.

After finding that there was no Military Transport waiting for us we went to the Cafe, managed to get someone to inform the MT section at Jever that they had two Waifs awaiting transport, we started sampling the local beer. After about an hour a truck arrived and so completed the rest of the journey to our new life, the driver was a National Serviceman who talked of nothing but the recent crashes and pilots killed over the passed months.

We were deposited at the Officers Mess where a Guest Night was in full swing and we were quickly absorbed into the high jinks and drinking. For most of the first two weeks at Jever the weather was so misty that there was little flying and it was not until after this period that we managed to get airborne a really get a look at were we were and where we fitted into this new service life.

Pat was not 25 so was not entitled to a service quarter he was I believe able to get Sylvia out for her to stay at a small hostel we had attached to our Officers Club in Jever Town. I don't remember how long or for how long she managed to get out to Jever or whether they were eventually managed to get a married quarter. After Pat's posting from the squadron I lost touch until in the mid 60's and again in the early 70's we were in either Cyprus or Malta on the same weekend and I discovered he was a Vulcan Captain and I was there with a Canberra, we had a few beers in the Mess and on two occasions we went down town for a meal together.

A few years ago we were there at the same time and had a long chat with both Pat and Sylvia when they told me that they lived in Thetford, Norfolk. Some period of time after this I heard that Pat had died, the trouble is I don't know the date sequence or who told me, nor do I now if Sylvia is still at that address. Captain Ken Williams Retd Appears: Ken Williams 98 Sqn. On 98 at transfer, left to join BAC Died 15 or so years ago. Sergeant Ted 'Tex' Williams Appears: Killed soon after early Crashed during beat up of Flt.

Kiwi was in the runway caravan when Tex picked up 'W'. The Hunter 4 I found was not too good on the elevator above kts or thereabouts. You had to use the trimmer to pull out above that speed, I seem to remember. He interviewed me on his return from the exercise, which had involved both 4 and In fact, the hotter the water, the better, because you want to kill as much bacteria as possible.

It's great to have a long electrical cord, especially if you clean large rooms, because you don't have to keep pausing to change outlets, or use an extension cord, which can be unsafe. Finally, a large water reservoir makes cleaning for long periods of time possible. Design All of the steam mops on the market have the same basic design, but we like the ones with features that make cleaning quick and easy — but also thorough. Some units have conveniences like adjustable steam levels for cleaning especially tough messes, and for getting the right amount of steam for specific surfaces.

It's good to look for a steam mop with a removable tank since that is the simplest way to fill the reservoir. Otherwise, you'll need to hold the entire device over a sink to fill the reservoir or pour water into it using a pitcher. Steam mops that stand on their own are quite convenient when you need to step away from your cleaning project temporarily, and they give you more options for storage.

These helpful extras can assist you with other household chores, making housework easier. Steam mops with accessories such as brushes, squeegees and carpet glides for freshening carpets let you use your appliance in many places in your house.

Updated Aug 7, We maintain strict editorial integrity when we evaluate products and services; however, Top Ten Reviews may earn money when you click on links. The quick-heating and maneuverable Bissell PowerFresh can muscle through all kinds of messes with just the right amount of steam to get your floors spotless. The Light 'N' Easy Lightweight Steam Mop was not the easiest to use, but it did give us a chemical-free clean for a very low price.

The H20 Mop X5 is a solid option for cleaning floors, and does many other tasks when you use the included attachments. Shark Steam Pocket S Shark Steam Mop S Best Overall Bissell PowerFresh. Best Value Light 'N' Easy. Most Versatile H20 Mop X5. Most Versatile Steamfast SF The Bissell PowerFresh gives you three different steam levels you can adjust to get the correct amount of cleansing steam for each messy job.

This strong steam mop weighs just 6 pounds, but offers a wide inch cleaning pad that swipes under the edges of counters, into tight corners and other awkward-to-reach spots.

We poured separate patches of soda, orange juice, spaghetti sauce and mustard onto the kitchen floor of our test lab, then let them dry overnight. The Bissell steam mop had to work a bit to lift away the spaghetti sauce, as did every steam mop we tested, but the Bissell easily plowed through the soda and orange juice messes.

It also did a great job with the dried-on mustard, which presented the biggest challenge to all models we tested. This mop released enough steam to get every cleaning job done, but did not overdo it, so we were never left with a sloppy, wet floor. On average, our tests showed the Bissell PowerFresh emitted steam at degrees Fahrenheit, which was some of the hottest steam compared to other models. The water tank is relatively small, holding just 12 ounces, but the good news is the removable tank is easy to fill.

This machine heats up quickly. This steam mop produced some of the hottest cleaning pads compared to others. You get very few accessories. It is priced to be very friendly to any budget, and it completed the primary job of all steam mops — chemical-free cleaning. Other mops cleared dried-on messes in fewer passes, but it did clean all spills eventually. It is annoying that you must hand pump the Light 'N' Easy to generate steam, but as long as the steam is emerging and cleaning — that's what matters.

A bit more physical effort might be worth the savings you get with this mop. One standout feature on the Light 'N' Easy is the relatively high temperatures. That gives it a better chance of sanitizing and cleaning than mops that run cooler. This mop does not have many accessories, so it is designed only for flooring, though it can also help sanitize carpets with its included glides.

It also lacks a swiveling head, which makes it harder to maneuver around obstacles. At least it is self-standing. That makes it a little more user friendly for storage and for when you need to pause a cleaning job part-way through.

The price is quite low, especially considering what you get. We measured very high temperatures on this mop head, which can boost cleaning power. You have to hand-pump this mop to get steam to emerge. The H20 Mop X5 offers a lot of cleaning power that starts with flooring. It is an absolute marvel for maneuverability, getting into corners with its swiveling, triangular head that other steam mops could not access.

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