How to connect to your Synology NAS

Configuring Download Station

Surveillance Station 8.2
Further, having to use iTunes to transfer music and videos to a device sync is ridiculous when I can simply open an app and choose what media I want to download over a local, gigabit network. The secret sauce in our download scheduling routine is the free and official download management application from Synology, Download Station. Head to the Synology website. Skip to main content. You can schedule periods of zero downloading activity and you can set time-based restrictions on BitTorrent traffic. Even better, you can set a schedule so that large files download in the middle of the night—perfect for keeping your connection free and speedy during your waking hours. The hardware of the device is an unassuming black box, small, largely comprised of hard drives, with a few LEDs and a power button on the front, and some ports on the back for power, Ethernet, and an optional wireless dongle.

Media Consumption

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