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Top 6 Improvements in Nmap 6

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A lot of users decided to give v2. Unlike some of the other torrent downloaders that have been flagged with spyware, or other false positives, Tixati is completely free of those issues. Let Windows handle all widgets scaling. Torrent file extension to refer back to Azureus by default. Don't count paused torrents for the autoshutdown. Confirm when deleting data request a confirmation before deleting downloaded data.

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EU Publishes Research into Malware & PUPs on Pirate Sites

Probes are sent in parallel to individual hosts, not just across all hosts as before. Trace consolidation is more sophisticated, allowing common traces to be identified sooner and fewer probes to be sent. The older traceroute could be very slow taking minutes per target if the target did not respond to the trace probes, and this new traceroute avoids that.

Traceroute now uses an ICMP echo request probe if no working probes against the target were discovered during scanning. Improved the Zenmap output viewer to show new output in constant time. Greatly improved Zenmap's performance for large scans by benchmarking intensively and then re-coding dozens of slow parts.

Time taken to load our benchmark file a scan of just over a million IPs belonging to Microsoft corporation, with 74, hosts up was reduced from hours to less than two minutes. Memory consumption decreased dramatically as well.

Improved OS detection performance by scaling congestion control increments by the response rate during OS scan, just as was done for port scan before.

Performed a memory consumption audit and made changes to dramatically reduce Nmap's footprint. This improves performance on all systems, but is particularly important when running Nmap on small embedded devices such as phones. Full details were posted here , and the highlights are: When a port receives no response, Nmap now avoids allocating a Port structure at all, so scans against filtered hosts can be light on memory.

Nping packet generation and response analysis tool Nping is an open source tool for network packet generation, response analysis and response time measurement. Nping can generate network packets for a wide range of protocols, allowing users full control over protocol headers.

Nping's novel echo mode let's users see how packets change in transit between the source and destination hosts. Nping has a very flexible and powerful command-line interface that grants users full control over generated packets. For a much more detailed introduction, you can read the Nping documentation man page.

Support for multiple target host specification. Support for multiple target port specification. Unprivileged modes for non-root users. Echo mode for advanced troubleshooting and discovery. Support for Ethernet frame generation. Support for IPv6 currently experimental. Infrastructure Improvements Keeping the Nmap project vibrant and productive for developers and users requires constant investment in our development.

Our software and hardware from Nmap's early days in or even Nmap 5 in just don't cut it any more. This one uses SSL for better security, WebDAV rather than svnserve for greater functionality, is hosted on a faster virtual machine, provides Nmap code history back to rather than , and removes the need for the special "guest" username.

The new server is at https: Created a special wiki for Nmap development and community-generated documentation at SecWiki. One of the most successful pages on our new SecWiki. Org so far is our NSE script ideas page.

If you have a good idea, post it to the incoming section of the page. Or if you're in a script writing mood but don't know what to write, come here for inspiration: More than 3, Nmap users filled out a survey of their favorite non-Nmap tools, and we tabulated the results to launch a new version of our top tools site at SecTools.

It now includes user ratings and reviews, tracks release dates, offers searching and sorting, and even lets you nominate your own favorite tools. It's like a frickin' Yelp for security tools! Ncat Ncat is a feature-packed networking utility which reads and writes data across networks from the command line. Ncat was written for the Nmap Project as a much-improved reimplementation of the venerable Netcat. It uses both TCP and UDP for communication and is designed to be a reliable back-end tool to instantly provide network connectivity to other applications and users.

Ncat will not only work with IPv4 and IPv6 but provides the user with a virtually limitless number of potential uses. Some general principles apply to most applications and thus give you the capability of instantly adding networking support to software that would normally never support it. We made a number of great improvements to Ncat in Nmap 6: See the Ncat page for binary downloads and a link to build instructions. Updated Ncat's SSL certificate store ca-bundle. Implemented basic SCTP client functionality in client mode server already exists.

Only the default SCTP stream is used. This is also called TCP compatible mode. While it allows Ncat to be used for manually probing open SCTP ports, more complicated services making use of multiple streams or depending on specific message boundaries cannot be talked to successfully. But here are a few particularly interesting portability improvements: If you still need a PowerPC version Apple stopped selling those machines in , you can use Nmap 5.

Refactored the Nsock library to add the nsock-engines system. This initial version comes with an epoll-based engine for Linux and a select-based fallback engine for all other operating systems. Even Microsoft no longer supports Windows versions that old. But if you must use Nmap on such systems anyway, we've provided some tips. Operating system detection Thanks to fingerprint submissions from thousands of Nmap users around the world, our remote operating system detection system grew from 2, signatures in Nmap 5 to 3, now.

Some of the newest fingerprints are for Apple iOS 5. In addition to more than 1, new fingerprints, we made several important performance improvements and bug fixes to the system. Version detection The days when we could assume what was running on an open port based on the port number are long gone. These days, folks commonly run services on the "wrong" port numbers in order to defeat filtering policies, hide traffic, or work around various networking problems.

Fortunately, Nmap's version detection system is able to interrogate the service listening on the open port and tell you the service running as well as in many cases the application name and version number. Nmap 5 had an impressive 5, signatures matching protocols, but Nmap 6 improves that to 8, signatures for protocols! Even more improvements In addition to the pages of changes listed above, we made many improvements which defy simple categorization: This is a standard way to identify operating systems and applications so that Nmap can better interoperate with other software.

Nmap now supports the old-school Gopher protocol thanks to our handy gopher-ls NSE script. We even support Gopher over IPv6! This reduces the likelihood of needing to specify --datadir or getting data files from a different version of Nmap installed on the system. For full details, see the docs. Made the final IP address space assignment update as all available IPv4 address blocks have now been allocated to the regional registries.

Our random IP generation -iR logic now only excludes the various reserved blocks. Thanks to Kris Katterjohn for years of regular updates to this function! The -V and --version options now show the platform Nmap was compiled on, which features are compiled in, the version numbers of libraries it is linked against, and whether the libraries are the ones that come with Nmap or the operating system.

You can find the newest copy of the file here and this is an example of rendered output. This can be due to an extremely rare TCP feature known as a simultaneous open or split handshake connection. The nmap-dev discussion thread starts here. When Nmap is passed a hostname such as google. It still only scans the first one in the returned list unless you use the new resolveall NSE script.

Switched to -Pn and -sn as the preferred syntax for skipping ping scan and skipping port scan, respectively. Previously the -PN and -sP options were recommended. This establishes a more regular syntax for options that disable phases of a scan: We will retain support for the previous option names for the foreseeable future. Nmap now provides Christmas greetings and a reminder of Xmas scan -sX when run in verbose mode on December For some UDP ports, Nmap will now send a protocol-specific payload that is more likely to get a response than an empty packet is.

This improves the effectiveness of probes to those ports for host discovery, and also makes an open port more likely to be classified open rather than open filtered.

The ports and payloads are defined in a new nmap-payloads. Nmap now prefers to display the hostname supplied by the user instead of the reverse-DNS name in most places.

If a reverse DNS record exists, and it differs from the user-supplied name, it is printed like this: Nmap scan report for www. Ndiff is a handy tool for comparing two Nmap scans to find out about newly opened ports, service changes, etc.

Details in their full mathematical glory are available here. You'll see a graphic glitch when hovering over the "plus" sign in the content tree. It is a known problem but Qt 5. As mentioned earlier , there were reports that the forums from a bunch of bittorrent related sites were hacked. As a result we switched off our forum to investigate. To the best of our knowledge we weren't hacked. We didn't discover any evidence of unauthorized entry.

We highly suspect that the self-proclaimed "hacker" was a fraud instead. Just so you know the passwords are saved hashed and salted in the database. It is very difficult to reverse this and obtain the real password. In any case, we reset all the passwords and switched on the forum.

You already should have received an email about your new password. This build also fixes a problem that requested "G: It fixes a few regressions. If you use watch folders you'll need to reconfigure them.

It has come to our attention that the forum database containing user info might have been compromised by a third unauthorized party. We aren't able to tell if this is true from our logs. And we aren't sure if the hack was real. See more info in this article. If the database was indeed compromised it was probably through a bug of the forum software. We had installed version 2. As a precaution we have taken down the forums. The passwords weren't saved as plaintext, but as salted hashes.

It will make it very difficult for the hackers to recover the real passwords. However, we strongly recommend you to change your password to any other site on which you used the same password. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Mac OS X builds will be provided at a later time.

A lot has happened to it. And as you may have noticed from the v3. This series have switched to Qt5 but Qt4 is still supported. Temporarily OS X builds will use Qt4. This release finally fixes an obscure "hit-and-run" bug with trackers. It is actually a libtorrent bug which is fixed in their source. But for fixing builds that will use older versions of libtorrent eg on Linux I made a change in the v3. This version should be the last in the v3.

Ubuntu and OS X builds will be available in a few hours. We had a minor issue with our Paypal account, which has now been resolved.

Donation is now possible again - through Paypal. This does not mean that Paypal is preferred, the other methods work just fine too. The lag that some users experience when selecting a torrent or right-clicking it is fixed in v3. However the code cannot be backported to v3. After a long wait it is released. WebUI users will need to reset their passwords. Windows user with many torrents don't need to manually exit the application before system shutdown anymore. This is merely an excuse for a new and correct build for OSX users.

The previous versions didn't work on older hardware. In the meantime I backported some important fixes for Windows which resulted in crashes too. This is a Mac OS X release. This is the same source as v3. The difference is in the way it is compiled.

Now it doesn't crash during launch due to incorrect dynamic library linking. Provided by user DomT4 github. As you may have noticed already our Ubuntu PPAs were broken for quite some time now. Chris Dumez, who maintained them, was unable to fix them. Today I managed to create new and working PPAs. Head over to the download page and find the new PPAs.

You should remove the old ones to avoid conflicts. I know I said that v3. However there were regressions that warranted a new release. In the meantime, more bugfixes and features were committed by others.

Also some Windows 7 users experienced freezing of the GUI. We tracked it down to a specific commit in boost 1. So until boost fixes it, I am going to use boost 1. There are two new donations methods added. Now you can send money in Bitcoins and Litecoins too. PayPal donations will continue, but Bitcoins are preferred.

Find the addresses in the main page. I am really busy for the last few months in real life. If you take a look at the git repo you will see what the new commits fix. Some work has been done for the 3. This affects Windows only. It's the same as v3. It is marked as 3. Christophe Dumez, the original author, has stepped down and transferred the project maintenance to sledgehammer Kuddos to everyone who helped squashing bugs!

A first bugfix release in the v3. I'm glad to announce that I uploaded today the first release candidate for qBittorrent v3. We encourage people to start testing this release candidate and help us iron out the issues so that we can make a final release as soon as possible. Also note that the project source code has moved from Gitorious to Github. Here comes the first bugfix release in the v2. Although very stable, we did find a few regressions that needed fixing.

ArchLinux users will be happy to know that this version finally supports Python 3. We are hoping this will facilitate code contributions through merge requests and GIT patches. The bug tracker is still on Launchpad , and the file releases will stay on Sourceforge for now. I would also like to move the Website to use an engine such as Wordpress or Drupal to facilitate editing. I - however - do not have the spare time to take on this task right now.

If anybody is interested in working on this, please contact me. We have just release qBittorrent v2. A new major release of qBittorrent was released today: The first version of qBittorrent which support the next libtorrent v0.

I have just uploaded qBittorrent v2. It fixes a few bugs including one potentially important and improves performance.

It ships a few bug fixes and a lot of translations updates. As you can see from the changelog, the project is attracting some new developers, which is excellent news. We are also making good progress on v2. It brings a few bug fixes including some important ones for Windows.

It also features a few cosmetic improvements. Exceptionally, this bugfix release includes a major code rewrite of the RSS functionality.

Indeed, this part of the code was less than optimal and was becoming very difficult to improve or even maintain. Special thanks to Vladimir Golovnev who helped again to improve system integration and bug fixing.

We are also glad to announce that Tomaso is joining the team as Norwegian translator, replacing Lars-Erik Labori who left quite a long time ago. It is recommended to update since it fixes potential crashes and brings further polishing. Here comes a first bugfix release for qBittorrent v2. It brings some more polishing to the UI as well as a few minor fixes. I'm pleased to announce the final release of qBittorrent v2.

This new major release brings a few new interesting features, more polishing and fixes some long-standing limitations. I have just uploaded both v2. After a long period of code refactoring and testing, we are glad to announce the release of qBittorrent v2.

This major release brings a lot of new features as well as important performance improvements. It will be the last bugfix release for the v2. Regarding the next major release - v2. I hope some users will have a chance to test this beta and report issues to help us stabilize. A big part of qBittorrent has been rewritten for v2. I am also working really hard to get v2. I hope all of you are enjoying Halloween! I - personally - have been very busy preparing a new bugfix release for the v2.

Once again, it brings a lot of new bug fixes. The activity on the bug tracker has remained very high this week. Hopefully it will calm down next week: We have just uploaded another bugfix release for the qBittorrent v2. It fixes quite a lot of issues. There are a lot of people taking to time to write bug reports and helping us make qBittorrent as bug-free as possible: Development on qBittorrent v2. We have also uploaded qBittorrent v2. After a short pause in development, we have finally uploaded a bugfix release for qBittorrent v2.

It brings quite a few fixes including some important ones for Windows platform. It brings quite a few features and some of them were awaited by users for quite some time. There may be a short pause in development now because I will defend my PhD thesis soon and then relocate to Finland.

It ships quite a few new features and we hope you will all like it. We have released another bugfix release for qBittorrent v2. This will probably be the last one as development on v2. We would expect to release v2. We have just uploaded qBittorrent v2.

This new release includes bug fixes but also official support for Windows operating system. The Windows build should be available today or tomorrow. However, the Mac build will be delayed because it is the exams period for our maintainers. Today represents an important milestone for qBittorrent. We have uploaded today on Sourceforge our first Windows installer for qBittorrent v2. This installer should be regarded as a public beta as we are looking for feedback before making an official stable release v2.

Please visit our download page to grab and install qBittorrent on Windows. If you find bugs, please report them via our bug tracker. We thank you in advance for your helpful feedback! We have excellent news: Furthermore, we welcome an additional Mac maintainer in our team: Both worked really hard and uploaded today qBittorrent v2.

Please find it on our download page. Another great news is that I am currently working very actively on the Windows port with a new member: As a consequence, qBittorrent v2. Linux, Mac and Windows. We are currently working hard on Windows bug fixing, in collaboration with beta testers Please contact me if you wish to help with the testing , in order to make a polished and stable release really soon! This new major release brings a few interesting features such as a bandwidth scheduler and more advanced feature settings.

There was also a great deal of code cleanup and optimization. We have just uploaded v2. This bugfix release adds further polishing and should be very stable.

Exceptionally, a feature was also added because it seems users were missing this one from earlier releases: File prioritizing in a torrent. We have also tagged v2. It introduces alternative speed limits and a bandwidth scheduler.

More changes to v2. Several bugs were reported just after v2. We have thus decided to make a bugfix release. It is recommended to update due to the number of bugs fixed. We uploaded today qBittorrent v2. Once again, this new major release brings a lot of changes.

A lot of polishing and bug fixing has been made since qBittorrent v2. First of all, we would like to wish you all a happy new year. To enjoy this new year even more, I'm planning to release qBittorrent v2.

We are hoping that people will test this release candidate and report issues as soon as possible so that we can make a stable release before the end of this month.

Renaming of torrents and their content is now also supported. We have just uploaded a first bugfix release for qBittorrent v2. As planned, qBittorrent v2. We really received a lot of feedback regarding v2.

Just a short article to announce that qBittorrent v2. It is stable and the UI will not change. I am now simply waiting for late translation updates so that I can make a final release probably on December 10th. Another good news is that qBittorrent project is now a finalist in "desktop applications" category in "Les Etoiles Du Libre" Free Software competition. The winning projects will be selected on December 12th so let's keep our fingers crossed! We have released today a second release candidate for qBittorrent v2.

A lot of users decided to give v2. Thanks to their effort, qBittorrent v2. We also recently moved our wiki to Sourceforge and we wrote a new documentation for qBittorrent v2.

The documentation is complete already. Another recent news was that Mininova engine disabled access to over a million torrent files when it partly shut down its website due to legal issues. After this news, TorrentFreak published a list of 10 alternatives to Mininova. We decided it would be useful to support these 10 search engines in qBittorrent.

As a result, we are currently publishing new plugins on Plugins. This means that only 3 more plugins are missing to support the whole Top Here is another bugfix release for qBittorrent v1. The list of changes is available here but to summarize it should be a very close equivalent to the official Bittorrent client: Help us improve the website Bitcoin: News Tuesday September 18th - qBittorrent v4.

Better filesystem support for filewatcher Elias M. Mariani Sunday August 12th - qBittorrent v4. Avoid allocating large memory when loading a. Work around crash when procesing recursive download.

Implement "Sequential downloading" feature. Closes glassez RSS: Relax behavior of "Download first and last piece first". It applies to all files and not only to the previewable.

Improve "Run External Program" behavior. Make "Ignoring days" to behave like other filters glassez RSS: Fix loading very large torrents. Fix reverting backslashes to slashes in run external program. Delay before processing new files. Don't strip empty arguments passed to external program. Consolidate CSS into style. Add source field in Torrent creator.

Add a force reannounce option in the transfer list context menu. Fix sorting of country flags column in Peers tab. Fix natural sorting when the common part of 2 strings ends partially in a number which continues in the uncommon part. Make peer information flags in peerlist more readable. Fix gui issues on high DPI monitor. Fix dialog and column size on high DPI monitors.

Fix constant status of '[F] Downloading'. Separate subnet whitelist options into two lines. Don't set application name twice. Set default file log size to 65 KiB and delete backup logs older than 1 month. Only prepend scheme when it is not present. Add "Remaining" and "Availability" columns to webui Content tab.

Use https for www. Fix crash when deleting rule because it tries to update. Search only when category is supported by plugin. Only add search separators as needed. Tweak spacing in torrent properties widget and speed widget. Use standard folder icon for open file behavior on Windows. Revert "Run external program" function. Now you will not be able to directly run batch scripts.

Fix splitting of compiler flags in configure. Autoconf removes a set of [] during script translation, resulting in a wrong sed command. Parse all compiler related flags together. Add height padding to the transfer list icons. Allow to drag-n-drop URLs into mainwindow to initiate download.

Fix crash when fitlering search results. Stable sorting is removed. Fix missing qbt logo on login page in webUI. Add check to avoid type error after logout. Use POST for logout command. This is to avoid browser being smart to prefetch the link then logging out the user. Chocobo1 Friday December 1st - qBittorrent v4. Fix crash on some systems when creating address object for Rows in transfer list shouldn't flicker anymore. Fix build when webui is disabled. Fix build because of missing header. Fixed blurry text under Windows by setting DPI awareness to default.

Evgeny Lensky Wednesday November 22nd - qBittorrent v4. Allow drag-n-drop magnet links to mainwindow. Fix crash when aborting a torrent creation process. Correctly check if torrent passed during application start already exists. New icon theme with SVG source, so we can scale it appropriately in the future. Drop Qt 4 support. Raise minimum Qt version to 5. Support for portable mode. It is now possible to pass options via ENV variables instead of cmd options. Allow to strip subfolder in multifile torrents.

Allow cmd args to specify options when adding torrents. Widget for showing filesystem paths while typing. Used in the Add New Torrent and Options dialogs. Show number of pieces. Add a Tags multi-label feature to the GUI. Use SVG files for monochrome tray icons. Prefill torrent name when creating a new torrent. Add comboBox for selecting BitTorrent protocol. Allow SMTP sender to be set. Allow to specify if announcing to all tiers is desired. Configurable number of history of paths in Add New Torrent dialog.

Fix dialogs didn't position on the correct screen which qBittorrent window is on. Closes , , Fix calculation of 'Average time in queue' stat under libtorrent 1. Don't disable bandwidth scheduler when manually switching speed limits. Fix dereferencing freed pointer. Change the default cache size to 64MiB. The previous "Disk write cache size" is not accurate since it is also being used for read cache, so rename it to "Disk cache". Replace dialog ok-cancel buttons with QDialogButtonBox, which follows the platform specific button order.

Fix last activity calculation. Save state of options windows on cancel too. Persist size and treeview header state in preview dialog. Properly pre-select the selected torrent's current ratio limiting options in UpDownRatioDlg dialogs. Optimize code for SpeedWidget. Disable processing events when adding torrents prevents crashes.

Open links in browser. Explicitly set UPnP state on start-up. Add space between widgets in left side panel. Center Options dialog when showed. Show delete accelerator key in menu. Use SVG icons for the country flags. Option for "Create subfolder" when adding new torrent.

Fix addPaused wrong default behavior. Reposition "Priority" menu option in WebUI to match gui. Print error messages upon receiving invalid header fields.

Reinitialize webUI server when "IP address" setting changed. An app restart won't be necessary from now on. Remove all search plugins from repo. There is another repo named 'search-plugins'. Update the backend when a new plugin favicon is downloaded. Allow search plugins sorting. Reformat Windows build configuration files. Allow custom tray icons when system icon theme is used. Add new translators in the About page. Thursday September 7th - qBittorrent v3.

Better memory footprint when using libtorrent 1. The cache is turned off by default 0 disabled value in the settings. Skip user input events when adding torrent. Avoid memory leak in the speed graph. Fix validating wrong header field.

X-Forwarded-Host is a foreign proxy setting, it isn't the same as qbt's local setting and thus it makes no sense to verify it. Disable skipping of loopback interfaces. The installer detects the 64bit running process too. Here is the current changelog: Temporary subfolder wasn't being deleted. This release is made mainly to fix the previous problematic fix for Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks via the webui.

It also contains another Webui fix for a DNS rebinding attack. This is my first attempt to have a shortcut to Applications folder in the dmg. I hope that I didn't screw up the presentation. Google has decided that qBittorrent is a persona non-grata. Read this reddit post for more info.

Either this weekend or the next one you will get a beta for v3. Total upload, Total download and Ratio stop conditions. NEW Download eMule 0. Download SBI Leecher 1. Download SBI Leecher 2.

REPORT Version - only download will be not reported to tracker - you will shown as seeder - complete flag not send to tracker no snatchlist entry. NEW Download Bitcomet 1. Bitcomet works great with GreedyTorrent hits: Universal Share Downloader is configured to work with more than a hundred free hosting services, including the most popular ones like RapidShare, MegaUpload or YouSendIt.

It can also be integrated into Firefox with the FlashGot extension and Internet Explorer, plus monitor the Windows Clipboard for copied download links.

Some other interesting features are compatibility with proxy servers, the ability to schedule tasks, support for remote control and automatic program updates.

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